Shawnee Dispatch

Opinion: The changing of the seasons

August 30, 2006

And so the worm finally does turn after all. Now, as we take a well-earned respite from the dog days of August, we prepare to celebrate Labor Day. The end of summer, at last, approaches.

Our lawns and gardens, battered by the summer's heat and drought, soak up the moisture of recent rains -- not enough, perhaps, to completely allay the effects of a dry summer, but welcomed all the same, thank you.

The tomatoes? Well, maybe it wasn't the best summer for tomatoes, but we enjoyed what we had all the same.

Though we've had a few cool nights, it's probably only a temporary lapse; most likely, we'll have quite a few more warm days.

But still, the seasons will change. One of these days the morning air will tingle with a new sharpness. We'll be out going somewhere at night, and notice for the first time that we can see our breath. Fall will be upon us before we know it.

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