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City Council OK’s change in road

February 15, 2006

Western Shawnee residents will have to traverse the congested traffic near the schools on Monticello Road for one more year.

The Shawnee City Council Monday approved the proposed 2007-2011 Five-Year County Assistance Road System Program. In the program, the Council recommended changing the 2007 project, Monticello Road from Johnson Drive to Shawnee Mission Parkway to 2008, moving Monticello from Midland to 75th Street to 2007.


While the northern part of Monticello is currently a collector street, it was to be widened to four lanes to meet arterial standards, given the nearly-full development in the area and the traffic going in and out of Clear Creek Elementary, Monticello Trails Middle and Mill Valley High schools.

Doug Wesselschmidt, city engineer, recommended swapping that project with the widening of southern portions of the road because a De Soto School District elementary school planned at 71st and Chouteau, to open in 2007, would put a "real need on the road."

The road would be widened to three lanes to bring it to collector standards, but Council member Dan Pflumm asked if the road was designated to become a four-lane arterial street in the future.

When Wesselschmidt confirmed this, Pflumm suggested that rather than make the same mistake the city had made on Monticello north of the parkway, widening a road just to widen it again a few years later, perhaps the city should widen the street fully now.

"We're going to pay double in a few years for what we could pay 15 percent (more for) and get done now," Pflumm said, suggesting the city channel some money from other projects to make the street wider.

"All I'm trying to do is save money in the future," he said. "... Every time we build a road, it sparks development."

At the Finance and Administration Committee meeting last week, Council members on the committee had approved of the switch because of the school planned for 71st and Chouteau, bound to increase traffic on the narrow roads in the area.

Council member Dawn Kuhn supported the change, noting that the school would likely spur more residential development in the area, which would mean more people using the road to get to the Shawnee Crossings and Monticello Village retail developments at Monticello and Shawnee Mission Parkway.

Kuhn noted that though there was a lot of traffic on the northern section of Monticello, there had not been a high number of accidents in the area, so improving the southern portion first and putting northern improvements off by just a year seemed to benefit the area more.

The Council Monday approved swapping the two in the county assistance program and asked staff to investigate the possibility of building the southern portion of Monticello to arterial standards when an engineer was hired to design the road.

The southern portion is estimated to have a total cost of $7.8 million, of which the county program would fund $2.6 million. The northern portion of Monticello is estimated at $6.2 million, with the county funding $2.2 million.

Two projects also were moved from 2010 to 2011, improvements to 47th Street and Wilder Road from Woodland to Holiday Drive, and Woodland Drive from 75th Street to the south city limits.

In other business, the Council:

  • Approved 7-1 a pet permit renewal for four dogs in the 6600 block of Quivira Road, with Council member Mike Novosel opposing the motion.
  • Denied a pet permit renewal 5-2-1, for three dogs in the 5800 block of Meadowlark Lane, with Council members Kuhn and Mickey Sandifer voting against denial and Frank Goode abstaining.
  • Approved a pet permit for three dogs in the 13000 block of 71st Street for a three-month trial period.
  • Approved renewal of a massage establishment permit for Shay-Belle's, 22736 Midland Dr.
  • Conducted a public hearing and approved an ordinance providing for vacation of right-of-way of the south 100 feet of the north-south alley between Johnson Drive and 58th Street in the 11200 block of Johnson Drive.
  • Approved a special-use permit previously issued to Mirror, Inc., 6221 Richards Dr., to allow a residential and outpatient chemical dependency treatment center for up to 42 persons.
  • Withdrew special-use permits issued to Crilly Commercial Center to allow a drive-thru restaurant and a convenience store with gas pumps on the northeast corner of Woodland and Johnson drives.
  • Approved a request to rezone from agricultural to residential suburban for Woodland Ridge, a 143-lot single-family subdivision in the 21100-21900 blocks of 47th Street.
  • Approved a special-use permit for Shawnee Auto Sales to allow sales of automobiles at 10900 Shawnee Mission Pkwy.
  • Approved a sign variance for color for Social Suppers, 13211 Shawnee Mission Pkwy.
  • Approved revisions to the rental policy for the Civic Centre and Shawnee Town facilities.
  • Approved the proposed 2006 Street Resurfacing Program and revisions to the Annual Street Resurfacing Program.
  • Approved a professional services contract for $14,792 with George Butler & Associates to provide engineering design services for the 47th and Kansas Highway 7 signalization.
  • Authorized 7-1 a design consultant to proceed with the preparation of final plans for the Renner Road street lighting on one side of Renner for an estimated cost of $308,500, with Council member Neal Sawyer opposing.
  • Approved a professional services contract to provide a surveying and engineering services for the final phase of the GIS mapping of the city's storm sewer system.
  • Approved semi-monthly claims for $2,601,483.43.

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