Shawnee Dispatch

Letter: Light up the streets

October 4, 2006

To the Editor:

In a time where fitness is so important, it would be nice to think that it is easy and accessible to walk or jog outside. However, as this time of year brings shorter days, those of us used to exercising outside are faced with a dilemma: get my morning jog in, and risk my safety, or stay in bed.

We live near the intersection at Johnson Drive and Nieman, and I believe if Shawnee's streets were well-lit, this would not be an issue. I think it's a shame that I am apprehensive to run with my dog before sunrise. He and I need the exercise.

I think that the installation of a few more streetlights, along with replacing the bulbs in the existing lights, would curb this issue and make Shawnee a safer place to live and run.

Shana Straily


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