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October 27, 2006

Attorney General

(Topeka Capital-Journal) Kline broke vow in sex case: Republican Attorney General Phill Kline kept quiet about an alleged blemish on Democrat Paul Morrison's past for two months of the general election campaign. Kline's sense of fair play even prompted a pledge Oct. 11 to avoid making information in his possession about a sexual harassment claim leveled against Morrison in the early 1990s an issue in the race. "I'm not," he vowed to the Wichita Eagle's editorial board when asked if he were going to make an issue of the case. "I'm not." However, Kline has moved steadily over the past two weeks to make the unproven allegation a cornerstone of his re-election effort against Morrison, district attorney in Johnson County.

(Hutchinson News) Consumer claims drop on Kline's watch: The amount of money being paid back to consumers who claim they've been ripped off has dropped significantly since Attorney General Phill Kline took office nearly four years ago.


(AP) Sebelius in command: Many voters here in Pittsburg don't see any reason to unseat Democratic Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, despite weeks of criticism from GOP challenger Jim Barnett. With less than two weeks before the Nov. 7 election, Barnett continues to talk optimistically about his chances - but he's still a long shot to win.

Washburn University professor Bob Beatty assesses new poll in governor's race: The new Rasmussen poll is out and it's good news for Governor Sebelius and a sign that if the Barnett campaign is going to go into overdrive it will have to be soon. ... The Rasmussen poll shows Sebelius leading Barnett 56 percent to 37 percent, a 19-point advantage and a 10-point increase over the Rasmussen poll of 9/25. 500 likely voters were polled on 10/22 and there's a 4.5 point margin of error. A key finding from the poll are Sebelius' and Barnett's favorability ratings, especially compared to the Rasmussen poll taken two months ago. Two months ago Sebelius had very favorable ratings of 35 percent and an overall favorability of 70 percent. Her new numbers have increased slightly to 38 percent very favorable and overall of 71 percent. Barnett, however, after campaigning for two months and getting his two TV commercials out, is seeing his favorability numbers actually go down.
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Other election news

(Garden City Telegram) Supreme Court retention below the radar: Criticism of the Kansas Supreme Court reached a crescendo in the past two years after a ruling in a headline-grabbing school finance case and an ethics controversy involving one justice. A statewide election Nov. 7 to retain state Supreme Court Justice Robert Davis and nine judges on the 12-member state Court of Appeals, though, has drawn little attention so far.

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