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Letter: Party crashers

March 13, 2007

To the Editor:

Two women sponsored a "coffee" on Feb. 24 and the event proved to be THE place to be in western Shawnee. The coffee was sponsored to provide an opportunity for citizens to meet some of the candidates they planned to support for the upcoming De Soto School Board Elections: Jim Thomas, Sandy Thierer and Don Clark.

Much to everyone's surprise, a member of the Shawnee City Council, who also happens to be a De Soto School Board Candidate (could there be a conflict of interest here?) and some other De Soto School Board candidates made an appearance, which was in effect an attempt to "crash the party." What is amazing is that they also sent "spies" (spouses who used maiden names rather than married names, for instance!) to the event to ask questions. (Perhaps because these candidates cannot stand on their own values and merits?) One individual presumed not to introduce himself, but chose instead to identify himself as "Mr. Incognito." Another candidate sent a parent to infiltrate the event. What was also very embarrassing is that not only did the individuals crash the party but they were inconsiderate of the business where the party was hosted. They took over the main entrance to the business, passed out their own political fliers and caused the business owner to bring in additional staff on Saturday. The result of their actions caused disruption to the business and its customers.

Who are these party crashers trying to represent? Themselves? Or the children of our community? I ask the voters of the De Soto School District to send these individuals a message: It is time to elect and re-elect candidates who represent the best interest of the children rather than some ill-defined personal agendas. Do we want individuals who stand on their own merits or do we want individuals who have to crash parties to get attention?

It's time to tell the Shawnee City Councilman -- who, by the way, was one of the contributors to a board member's last-minute campaign to defeat the bond issue last November -- to perform the job he was elected to perform: represent the citizens of western Shawnee. It is time to tell the other party-crashing candidates to sponsor their own reception and stand on their own merits. Stand on your own merits and perhaps you too will have supporters who will host a party for you. Power, greed and personal agendas are not beneficial to our children. Further, these behaviors are clearly affecting one of the current board members and appears to be rubbing off on several of the potential candidates running for these positions on the school board.

It is time to quit playing games, cease crashing parties, and stop telling lies. It is time to insist that candidates stand upon their own merits and represent the children of this district. My advice to all candidates is to please be guided by citizens rather than your own personal agendas and the people making the most noise. The community as a whole does not want larger schools within our neighborhoods. We want small schools within our neighborhoods. Those kinds of schools are central to why many of us moved out to be in this nice community.

Fellow citizens of the De Soto School District, please send a message to these party crashers and individuals who seek to feed their own personal power, greed and agenda. We do not want elected officials who are clearly out for them selves. This is not a game. This is our children's future!

Standing in support of "The Power of Women" in western Shawnee and our Children's Future.

Tony Akin


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