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Council gives OK to bike lanes

September 9, 2008

Monticello Road from Midland Drive south will be built as a four-lane road, but striped as a three-lane road with bicycle lanes.

The Shawnee City Council approved the change Monday, though city employees told them it could cost up to $25,000 more to do so, citing safety concerns. But Council member Michelle Distler protested that she had asked the city to study the option to build the road as a three-lane road throughout the project in order to save money.

Paul Lindstrom, city project engineer, said that if the road were to be striped as a three-lane with bicycle lanes - which is the same width as a four-lane road - striping costs would increase because there would be more solid lines, bike lane symbols, turn arrows in the center lane and on-street bicycle signage. This would cost about $20,000 more; the cost for technicians to revise the road's master plan would be about $5,000.

Council member Kevin Straub made the motion to approve striping the road as a three-lane, with Council member Mickey Sandifer seconding.

"I don't have a problem with making it three lanes as long as in the future it doesn't cost a lot more to change to a four-lane," Straub said.

Distler apologized for the miscommunication and said she had meant to ask about building the road as a three-lane to keep continuity along the road, since it is three lanes in Lenexa, two or three lanes north of Johnson Drive, and may be three lanes for at least a portion of the length from Shawnee Mission Parkway to Johnson Drive, since the city cannot currently afford to widen that section to four lanes. South of Midland Drive was the one area where homes were directly on the street, she noted.

"Only where it's going through a residential section will it be four-lane: where all the schools and churches are, it will be three lanes, but in the residential area it will be four-lane," she said. "That doesn't make any sense to me. To me, the money would be better spent on the north side, where they have all this problem."

She said she also wanted to save the city money at the intersections along the road, which wouldn't have to be as wide. She said she had estimated that with more than 2,000 feet of turn lanes, the city could save about $500,000 between costs for buying the right of way, asphalt and grading.

She said she still had residents who worried that the city was buying more right of way than it needed, and she still didn't understand what development in the area would create the traffic to necessitate four lanes.

Straub said he thought Monticello north of Shawnee Mission Parkway should have been four lanes to begin with and still could be, so it would be better to build the southern portion wider the first time. He said striping the road as three lanes to the south would at least slow traffic down.

Mayor Jeff Meyers said he also was in favor of striping the road as three lanes to give residents more safety as they turned into their driveways. But he said he also agreed that there would become a need for it to be four lanes.

The Council voted 6-2 in approval of changing the road to three-lane striping, with Neal Sawyer and Frank Goode voting in opposition.

In other business, the Council:

¢ Approved 7-1 setting a public hearing at the Oct. 13 Council concerning the establishment of a redevelopment district for the Cobblestone Village development, and a resolution stating that if the redevelopment district were approved, that the city would swap land in Bichelmeyer-Pflumm Park for land from the developer. Distler voted in opposition to both actions.

¢ Approved an investment services contract with Cottonwood Advisors LLC, Overland Park.

¢ Held a public hearing and approved the Barton Lane, 55th to 57th streets, project for the 2009 Community Development Block Grant application.

¢ Approved a professional services agreement with Olsson Associates to provide inspection services of the city's storm sewer system.

¢ Approved agreements to provide school resource officers services to the Shawnee Mission and De Soto school districts.

¢ Approved a contract not-to-exceed $58,000 for design, bid and construction services for the 50th Terrace and Nieman Road storm drainage project.

¢ Approved 7-1 awarding a contract for three multi-function printers for the Justice Center to Midwest Office Technology, Lenexa, for $57,742. Straub voted in opposition, saying after the meeting that he thought the printers weren't necessary.

¢ Approved a massage license to perform off-premises massage therapy for Joanna Herbst.

¢ Approved a special-use permit for Leap at Learning Daycare to allow an in-home daycare with up to 10 children in the 21400 block of 50th Terrace.

¢ Approved a special-use permit for Dandelions and Mud Puddles Child Development Center, 13800 block of 63rd Street, for a commercial daycare.

¢ Approved 7-1 semi-monthly claims totaling $3,990,437. Straub voted against approval, saying after the meeting that he didn't approve of costs for Council travel within the claims.


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