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Letter: City benefits

April 28, 2010

To the editor:

As a retiree from the city of Shawnee, I realized real quickly that our city has always done more with less. The employees in Shawnee are among the finest anywhere. It’s fair to say that almost every department within the city operates with a lower level of staffing than most neighboring cities, if not all cities. This has always required extra work for each person and many extra hours of overtime. With that comes less time with family, missing special events and added stress to everyday life. When working for city government you don’t become rich, and the city has always tried to make Shawnee marketable and retain good employees. If you’re not paying your employees for their sick and vacation time, then you’re going to pay it out in overtime, sick coverage and just plain abuse of the system. By having an incentive, this retains good employees, keeps overtime and sick coverage in check and creates a positive experience when retiring. When it’s cold and snowy and you’re tucked in your warm bed, remember: There is a high likelihood that a city employee is out there keeping you safe, keeping your roads clean, patrolling your streets and saving a life possibly. Mr. Straub, before you spout off about city benefits, you should try working a real job for once.

Justin Sinkler



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