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Candy savers

November 3, 2010

Q: What determines the shelf life of candy?

A: “The shelf life depends on the type of candy, packaging and storage conditions,” Blakeslee said. “Shelf life can vary anywhere from two weeks to a year.”

Q: Can you do anything to prolong the shelf life of candy?

A: Keeping candy in a cool, dry and dark place is the best way to store it, Blakeslee said.

Q: Do some candies keep longer than others?

A: In terms of safety, Aramounis said the shelf life of some candy, like hard candy, may be indefinite; however, he said there have been cases of salmonella poisoning from the consumption of expired chocolate.

Q: Can you be more specific?

A: For more specific information Aramouni and Blakeslee recommend the following guidelines from the National Confectioners Association regarding the shelf life of various types of candy:

• Chocolate: Dark chocolate can be kept for one to two years if wrapped in foil and stored in a cool, dark and dry place. Milk and white chocolates last no more than eight to 10 months.

• Hard candy: Lollipops, roll candy and butterscotch candies can last up to a year when stored at room temperature or in cool, dry conditions.

• Jellied candies: Upon opening the packaging and storing at room temperature, jellied candies can last six to nine months.

• Gum: Most gum products can last six to nine months as long as the packaging remains sealed.

• Caramel: When stored properly at room temperature and away from the heat and light, caramel candy can last six to nine months — and even up to a year in some cases.

Q: What if I’m not sure how old candy is?

A: “It is OK to throw away old candy,” Aramouni said. “Don’t feel compelled to eat it. It’s mostly empty calories after all.”


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