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Kansas Supreme Court disbars attorney charged with Shawnee disturbance

November 3, 2010

The Kansas Supreme Court has disbarred an attorney for a string of verbally abusive and disruptive behavior – including profanity-laden confrontations at Shawnee municipal court.

Carlos Dupree Romious not only served jail time for criminal charges of disorderly conduct, he racked up numerous violations of the Kansas Rules of Professional Conduct, which govern attorneys in the state, according to the recently filed opinion.

The Shawnee incidents occurred in April 2008, when Romious was representing a client in a city traffic case.

After using foul language to demand that the prosecutor meet with him in the courtroom, Romious approached the municipal court clerk’s window and repeatedly rang the service bell, even as clerks were already assisting him, according to the opinion.

Several days later, Romious returned to file paperwork at the clerk’s office, where he called a clerk an explicit name, hit the glass and told her that “she better do what he told her to do,” the opinion said. Romious proceeded to tell the woman that he was smarter than anyone in the clerk’s office and repeatedly pointed at other clerks, using expletives to address them, as well.

Following the incident, Romious pleaded guilty in Johnson County District Court to disorderly conduct, and was sentenced to four days in jail.

According to findings in the Supreme Court opinion, Romious also:

• Served jail time for shoving and fighting with a Deputy U.S. Marshal at the federal courthouse in Kansas City, Kan. Romious set off the metal detector but refused to comply with security officers’ orders and shouted profanities at them in the lobby, leading to the scuffle and arrest.

• Served 120 days in jail for contempt of court after repeatedly speaking over and insulting a circuit court judge in Green County, Mo.

• Misrepresented and dishonestly billed a Kansas Army National Guard captain, adversely impacting the client’s military career.

• Was arrested in municipal court in Grandview, Mo., where, among other outbursts, he screamed that Grandview was full of “snakes.”

Romious could not be located for comment.

At the time of the disciplinary proceedings against him, his home address was listed as Kansas City, Mo.


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