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Letter: Business as usual

August 2, 2012

To the editor:

I was surprised, yet pleased, to see the Shawnee Dispatch had the temerity to put up a poll asking for opinions of Mayor Jeff Meyers’ City Council shenanigans. But opinion polls are little more than light entertainment. Are you ready to up the ante on challenging the “governing body” of Shawnee?

Those not able to attend the marathon City Council meeting on July 9 can download a video at Fast forward to 1:39:00, where Michelle Distler explains her “no” vote for the mayor’s relative: “I was told on Thursday that this is who the appointment was going to be. I was told who was making the motion and who was making the second. I cannot support this because I cannot be involved with this.”

Are you curious about who told her the fix was in? If you find out, are you willing to name names in your paper?

By the way, the same thing happened when Jim Neighbor was a predetermined selection. Just business as usual for the “governing body” of Shawnee.

Gregg Snell



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