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Critics went off half-cocked

August 20, 2012

To the editor,

I’m traveling this week but my office forwarded me a copy of your article regarding She’s A Pistol. I’m sure Ms. Bieker appreciates the press coverage you are providing for her business.

With respect to the concerns that the store will attract pawn shops, gold buyers and payday lenders, Shawnee’s zoning ordinance should address situations of this nature. A quick check of the city’s table of general use regulations for the Townsquare District reveals that pawn shops are not permitted in the district. Neither are massage parlors or most manufacturing businesses, including those that manufacture sausage or prepared meat products.

Since I’ve seen jewelry stores buying gold, I suspect that any concerns about this type of activity might be more directly related to business that only buy

gold and sell no retail products to the public. Thus, if downtown merchants are opposed to this type of activity and/or to pay day loan operations, they should ask city staff how these uses are defined within the use regulation martix, which is a part of the zoning ordinance. In many communities, pay day loan businesses have been addressed by special additions to their ordinances.

Any suggestion that Ms. Bieker’s business might start a negative trend is misguided. I’ve never heard of Walmart or a sporting goods store being accused

of starting a negative trend, and in many instances they have a far larger firearms selection than She’s A Pistol will ever have. Anyone that is open-minded and willing to actually take the time to learn about this new business is going to be impressed and agree with me that it is a fine addition to the community.

Marty Hugo



Alex Smith 6 years, 3 months ago

First of all, its pretty funny that a little advertisement below your article reads "Cash Loans - $200-$1000, approvals in 2 minutes online, bad credit OK - No References!."

I just wanted to point out that there is ALREADY a cash for gold location on Shawnee Mission Pkwy. Im not saying they are downgrading our neighborhood or society. I just want it known that we already have one, so the current laws are either not being followed (or an exception was made), or they are allowed by the city.

So, if anyone that can understand all the legalese written in our city laws, they should start doing so and then get us all organized...


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