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Letter: Another skate park needed

December 24, 2012

To the editor,

Western Shawnee needs its own skate park.

Students in western Shawnee are tired of driving a long distance every day to go skate. All the skaters think that it would be better to have a skate park closer so they would not have to drive. That way, they would have more time to skate and less time to drive.

Another reason we need a skate park is because skaters would not get tired of skating at one park that is packed with kids. Sometimes kids decide to go skate in the city on public property rather than being at a packed skate park. If Shawnee had another skate park, it would keep kids from going on city property and causing damage.

One final reason is that police officers from Oregon were surveyed about this topic, and they said skaters have a reputation for bad behavior. Not all skaters have bad behavior. It would be easier to keep an eye on all kids if they were in one place. That way, the police would not have to run all over the place to watch out for the skaters.

Sam Switzer and Cody Chambers



Chuck Heinz 7 years, 7 months ago

Sam & Cody - start a fund to pay for a new skate park with collections from your skating friends. Taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for your entertainment.


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