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Letter: Council behaved badly

July 17, 2012

To the editor:

I was disgusted at the actions of several City Council members toward Mike Kemmling during the July 9 meeting called to appoint a Ward 2 member. Specifically, I was disgusted with Dawn Kuhn for her badgering, Mickey Sandifer and Jeff Vaught for making accusations about Kemmling’s campaign without giving him a chance to respond, and Mayor Jeff Meyers for not allowing public comments during the session. Kuhn also showed her hypocrisy by failing to honor the precedent set in seating Jim Neighbor, who had run for a seat before seeking appointment. Kemmling did the same this spring and got 650 votes.

Sandifer, White, Vaught, Neighbor and Sawyer behave like schoolyard bullies toward those who disagree with them. Thus every candidate and council member, plus many of those present, knew what the outcome would be before any candidate spoke a word. As one observer remarked on his way out, “I guess when the fix is in, the fix is in.”

This group’s treatment of Kemmling and the Ward 2 voters was deplorable and selfish. I can only hope the voters wake up to the corruption and cronyism so close to home.

Alan Dunz



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