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Letter: Mayor slapped democracy in face

July 17, 2012

The City Council at a special July 9 meeting selected Alan Willoughby to serve out the remaining portion of former Ward 2 Councilman David Morris’ term.

It came out during the meeting that Mr. Willoughby is related to Mayor Jeff Meyers by marriage (Mrs. Meyers’ uncle). Should the mayor have recused himself from presiding over this meeting, since there is always the possibility that he might have to cast a vote? Or just because his mere presence might have an effect?

It was interesting to note that comments from the public about this procedure were not solicited before the council took their vote. During the regular council meeting that followed, the mayor was asked about this and he responded it was his decision not to solicit public comments. That by itself was a slap in the face to the voters in Ward 2 and to the city as a whole. Where has democracy gone in this city?

In that same regular council meeting, a resident inquired if the mayor had had any conversations with council members about the selection prior to the meeting. The mayor did acknowledge that he had voiced support for Mr. Willoughby to members of the council.

Is Shawnee really part of the KC Metro area or is it becoming a suburb of Damascus, Syria? Will the citizens ever get involved with local government, or will they permit government to run unchecked?

Ray Erlichman



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