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On the street

A few people have criticized The Dispatch recently for covering "negative" news regarding local government. What do you believe is the role of a community newspaper?

Response Percent
It should be a watchdog for the good of the public
It should be a balance of both
It should be a cheerleader for the city
Total 93

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That darn cat
October 3, 2012
There’s not much doubt about who really rules the roost in our house.
Food: Nature at work on honeybee farm
October 3, 2012
Buzzing bees blanket the tray of honeycomb in Richard Bean’s bare hands. At close range, their striped abdomens and delicate wings are visible in detail. After 40 years of keeping bees, Bean still marvels at them.
Local teenager electrocuted while working on computers
October 3, 2012
A teenager recently found dead at his Shawnee home died of electrocution while working on computers, according to police and coroner reports.