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Letter: Setting the record straight

October 26, 2012

To the editor,

I want to clarify the distorted statements made in a recent mail piece from Charles Macheers, my opponent in the 39th District Kansas House race. The postcard was nearly identical to the one used against his Republican primary opponent, Stephanie Meyer (also published in The Dispatch), with our names swapped.

Claim: “Shulda wants to raise your taxes”

Truth: Mrs. Meyer campaigned on a platform of tax responsibility. I oppose Gov. Brownback’s tax bill because it will raise taxes on all non-business owners. The law does not allow business owners to deduct losses, the lifeline for new businesses during the early years.

Claim: “Shulda supports Obama care and its infringement on your healthcare freedoms and religious liberties”

Truth: Mrs. Meyer was clear that she opposed the Affordable Care Act. I believe the Act has practical aspects as well as flaws. The new law certainly can be improved, but this is a federal issue. For further information, voters can read my response in the Dispatch’s Oct. 13 questionnaire.

Claim: “Shulda supports burdensome regulations that will kill jobs and send businesses and jobs to neighboring states.” Mr. Macheers also claims he has experience creating private sector jobs but stated I have “no business, legal or fiscal management experience.”

Truth: My husband and I have owned and operated small businesses in local markets that include construction (which employed tradesmen), consulting, and sales. As a probation officer, I managed court/victim payments, kept copious and detailed records, and spent hours in the courtroom handling legal issues. I have hands-on experience working within the government system and working with private business as well. Mrs. Meyer has valuable experience working with the Kansas Bioscience Authority to bring additional businesses to our state. I am curious to know how many private sector jobs Mr. Macheers has created through his single-attorney law firm.

Claim: “Shulda favors big government, public-sector spending.”

Truth: I believe in a healthy balance. “Public-sector spending” pays for public schools, parks, infrastructure, social services, and public safety. Private-sector spending spurs our economy. The two are not mutually exclusive. We must find a balance between meeting the needs of the state while encouraging growth. This isn’t a Republican or Democratic issue.

Claim: “Shulda supports the NEA, the liberal union that supports President Obama. She opposes increased parental control and accountability measures.”

Truth: I am endorsed by Kansas Families for Education and Citizens for Higher Education, neither of which are “liberal unions.” Mrs. Meyer was endorsed by the KNEA, which advocates for Kansas teachers, because they trusted her over Mr. Macheers as the candidate who would go to bat for our schools. I am at a loss as to what Mr. Macheers means by the last claim.

Claim: “Shulda opposes voter ID laws, and supports in-state tuition for illegal immigrants”

Truth: Mrs. Meyer stated in many interviews that she supported the new voter identification laws. I believe no legal American should be prevented from voting. When voters register, they must provide their social security number/DOB/address. There have been fewer than ten confirmed cases of voter ID fraud since 2000. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, and certainly don’t waste needed state funds and time doing so. I do support in-state tuition fees for Kansas children who were brought here as young ones, attend our public schools, and want to become legal citizens. These kids had no control over where they were born or raised. We shouldn’t punish that.

I find it troubling that Mr. Macheers’ campaign would purposely distort my beliefs or those of any qualified candidate in an attempt to mislead voters. My question to him is simple: If you are so certain that your views are the same as those shared by our community, why do you avoid every public forum and fill your campaign literature with misleading statements? Why don’t you tell voters what YOU believe?

The national political races might be combative, but I believe local races should be as open and factual as possible. We are, after all, neighbors. Voters deserve more than misleading sound-bites cut and pasted onto recycled political ads.

Marlys Shulda



kac77 6 years, 1 month ago

The fact that Macheers just took the same mailer he used before and swapped opponent names proves he isn't even trying. He thinks that everyone in this state punches the Republican ticket because that's what has always happened. I agree with Shulda that the Republican party isn't the same as it was 4 or 5 years ago. We absolutely have to have more representation in our local government than just ONE side. Believe me, your Republican values are well represented! Why not vote for a few people willing to bring new ideas and challenge the status quo? It's not a democracy when you only have one side making the rules. Come on Shawnee - prove that we won't stand for this guy recycling generic rhetoric. Why not spend a little time telling us what YOU can do instead of twisting Shulda's words and taking them out of context. GO MARLYS SHULDA!


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