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Setting the record straighter

October 29, 2012

To the editor,

In my campaign for Kansas House of Representatives I have been discussing with voters in the 39th District my beliefs for more effective government, efficient, quality schools, job growth, and pro-life values. The more people I meet at the door, the more convinced I am that we have these beliefs in common.

In last week’s letter to the editor, my opponent, Marlys Shulda, accused me of distorting her stance on issues in my campaign literature. Rather than transparently publish her own views on issues, she has chosen to veil them behind her attack on my communication.

Despite her criticism, Shulda presented no argument for why voters should trust her with their hard-earned tax dollars. Meanwhile, she proved my points by reiterating that she supports in-state tuition for illegal immigrants and admitted she opposes the 2012 legislation to reduce taxes. Opposition to the 2012 legislation means taxes would go up.

That is the key problem reflected in Shulda’s comments in her letter. She offers no solutions — only a platform of raising taxes and increasing spending.

Shulda should have published her views and let the voters know where she stands. Indeed, she stands with the Democrat party (though she does not admit she is a Democrat on her web site or campaign materials). In fact, she is a $250-level campaign donor to Barack Obama.

Shulda has not been forthcoming about her positions on issues because she knows they’re unpopular with voters in this district. She has also demeaned our 39th District voters by saying, “Most voters just don’t get it.” The 39th District has supported conservative representation for the last three elections and again in the recent primary. My daily conversations with the voters continue to reinforce that my beliefs reflect the beliefs of those in the District. The majority of voters in this district disagree with her Democratic platform.

I reject Shulda’s assertion that my campaign would “purposely distort (Shulda’s) beliefs.” There was no distortion, just factual information gleaned from her own writings.

On Nov. 6, the good people of the 39th District will decide once again if the best way forward for Kansas is the smaller, more efficient government I’ve proposed, or a larger government — with no plan — fueled by higher taxes and spending.

Charles Macheers


kac77 6 years, 4 months ago

I read this and I hear pompous rhetoric. Same old - same old. I really hope Shawnee proves they are tired of the one-sided control. From the lack of comments on any of the related articles, it seems as if no one is reading at all. Maybe Shulda is right when she says people are living busy lives and they need to pay more attention. It sounds like she is willing to say what needs to be said and not just what people want to hear.


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