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Local ‘sex club’ closes amid mounting attention

October 30, 2012

A private swingers club that Shawnee officials had been investigating for a year has apparently exited the local site where it had been hosting parties.

After a report about the club by the Dispatch on Friday, television news crews descended on the club, KC Playroom, which was located in an industrial building on Martindale Road, within a couple blocks of a Montessori preschool and nearby residences.

An area business owner, whom sources have identified as the operator of KC Playroom, did not respond to interview requests from the Dispatch. But KCTV5 reported Friday night that the club operator had decided a party at the Martindale Road site the following night would be the last in that location.

In addition, the space was listed for lease on Craigslist over the weekend.

On Friday, assistant city attorney Ellis Rainey said city officials had determined that ordinances regulating nudity and adult entertainment businesses in Shawnee did not apply to the private club. The establishment, a nonprofit enterprise, did not even require an occupational license, he added.

The club was referred to as a “sex club” in an email City Manager Carol Gonzales sent to members of the Shawnee City Council on July 24.

“We have reviewed the investigative and legal research that we did last year,” Gonzales wrote in the email, “and while we think we will come to the same conclusions — that it is a private use of a privately owned building, therefore subject to building and fire codes, but not other regulations applicable to businesses — we want to do some additional research to be sure. I will keep you posted.”

A resident who complained about the establishment in an email to city officials earlier this year, however, said he was disappointed the city had not kept him posted or done anything about the club.

“We sent you information on (the) sex club here in Shawnee back on July 11,” the resident, who emailed Gonzales under the name “Bob Smith,” wrote Oct. 24. “To date, nothing has been done to have this business licensed and permitted. Frankly, we are very disappointed in many ways. When we told ALL of you about this, only ONE council member (Michelle Distler) even responded.”

In a July 12 email, Distler thanked the resident for his correspondence and said “we look forward to understanding what’s going on here.”

The city manager, however, “seemed like it was not a big deal,” the resident’s Oct. 24 email claims. “And still to date nothing has been done.”

Gonzales disputed that assessment.

“Mr. Smith, actually quite a bit has been done,” Gonzales responded in an Oct. 24 email. “Other agencies have already been brought in and are also looking into issues that fall within their purview. I am unable to share and am not even privy to much of the information, related to confidential review.”

However, Gonzales added in the email, city officials had been told that the operator of KC Playroom had indicated the club would close at the end of the year.

Rainey added Friday that “to date, the representations of KC Playroom are that the space is leased for private party purposes, as compared to any business, trade, occupation or other profit business activity.”

“The activity is represented as private activity occurring solely within the confines of private property, which is not open to the public,” Rainey added.

Based on those representations, he said, city ordinances regulating adult entertainment did not apply. And because there was no alcohol being sold, Rainey said, city ordinances regulating nudity on premises licensed to sell alcohol did not cover the club.


lccoolbreeze 5 years, 5 months ago

I hope the the private club KC Playroom opens back up whenever and where ever they want. Do not tread on me is diminished yet again. Free Country? Not really. We are controlled by small groups of easily offended people who probably have skeletons in there closet the size of Godzilla.


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