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Republicans seeking state office leading money race

October 30, 2012

Local Republicans seeking state offices in the Nov. 6 general election have outspent their Democratic opponents during the campaign thus far.

According to campaign finance reports due Oct. 29, all Republican candidates for Kansas House seats representing portions of Shawnee were leading in the money race. In addition, Republican Steve Roberts had spent slightly more than Democrat Cindy Neighbor in the race for the District 2 seat on the State Board of Education.

Mary Pilcher-Cook, a Republican candidate seeking re-election to the 10th District Kansas Senate seat, was the only local candidate whose report had not been received by the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission by the Oct. 29 deadline. Her Democratic opponent, Mark Greene, had spent $2,620.

Leading the spending race among local candidates was Republican Brett Hildabrand, who is seeking election to the 17th District House seat. Hildabrand’s campaign spent $17,209 and had another $6,266 in cash on hand to spend in the closing days of the race.

Larry Meeker, who filed for the 17th District House seat as an independent after his Democratic filing documents were lost in Topeka, had spent $13,615 by the Oct. 29 deadline. But he had $13,614 left to spend before the election, more than twice Hildabrand’s cash on hand.

Michael Kerner, a Libertarian running for the 17th District House seat, had received only one in-kind donation, worth $55, according to his Oct. 29 report.

In the 18th District House race, Republican John Rubin had spent $16,915 and had $16,422 cash on hand, according to his Oct. 29 report. His Democratic opponent, Milack Talia, had spent $10,067, and had $14,013 in cash on hand.

In the 39th District House race, Republican Charles Macheers had outspent Democrat Marlys Shulda $13,987 to $2,315. Macheers reported another $8,063 in cash on hand, compared to $2,619 for Shulda.

In the District 2 board of education race, Roberts reported $6,663 in spending and a negative $5,523 in cash on hand due to a $7,100 loan to his campaign from Mary Pat Sullivan of Overland Park. Neighbor reported $6,073 in spending and $5,072 in cash on hand. She also reported an outstanding loan of $3,295 from herself.

Complete lists of campaign contributions and expenditures for each candidate can be found at


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