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Letter: Shawnee officials should keep eye on Greens of Chapel Creek

August 7, 2013

Once again, the representatives serving us on the Shawnee Planning Commission and City Council will be tested.

Another neighborhood is in trouble in western Shawnee. Families of The Greens of Chapel Creek are rallying to hold Darol Rodrock accountable. With 100 families and their $40 million in combined property appraisals at stake, Rodrock is proposing to dramatically alter yet another Shawnee neighborhood.

To nullify original development conditions and rezoning requirements, Rodrock proposes to rezone parts of the property, and wants to introduce rows of rental units for himself. Rodrock is trying to squeeze in as many lots as possible, even on ground set aside for what was supposed to be the neighborhood pool.

But what he’s doing in Shawnee should come as no surprise. The controversy in Rodrock neighborhoods is repeatedly reported in The Dispatch. Trouble with commitments to the Shawnee Planning Commission and City Council, including my own Crimson Ridge neighborhood, are well documented.

No doubt, the dozens of dads and the many moms of Chapel Creek will plead with officials for justice and support. Officials will soon be tested. I hope they study and do their homework.

Tony Lauer



dispatchthis 5 years, 4 months ago

Save your breath. The city cabal will choose to selectively NOT enforce their own zoning and platting ordinances, just as they did with Crimson Ridge. Resistance is futile.


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