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Letter: Shameful voter turnout

January 8, 2013

To the editor,

Have you looked at the results of voter turnout in the last two elections?

Well, it’s poor for local elections, and OK for presidential elections. But presidents don’t plow snow, respond to fires, protect the community, keep our parks functioning, set local property taxes, etc.

We have another local election coming up in April 2013.

Look at these figures for the November presidential election and the local city elections last April.

2012 presidential election:

• Registered voters (total city) - 42,344

• Total voted - 30,718 (72.54 percent)

2012 city election:

• Registered voters (total city) - 40,105

• Total voted - 5,229 (13.04 percent).

The people of Shawnee ought to be ashamed of themselves for their lack of voting at the last city election.

Ray Erlichman,



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