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Candidate questionnaire: Richard L. Schroder, Johnson County Community College Board of Trustees (at-large)

Schroder is one of six candidates running for one of four at-large seats on the JCCC Board of Trustees

March 28, 2013

Richard Schroder

Richard Schroder

The Dispatch sent written questionnaires to each of the six candidates running in the April 2 general election for one of four at-large seats on the Johnson County Community College Board of Trustees. Below are Richard Schroder's unedited responses.

Biographical Information

Name: Richard L. Schroder

Age: 67

Occupation: Retired RN, Retired from US Army as a MSGT with 26 years of Service (1995)

Family: Married to Patricia Palmer Schroder for 43 years; 2sons, William and Steven; four grandchildren; 1 dog

Professional Experience: RN and JCCC instructor of Certified Nurses’ Aides

Political and civic experience: Ran as JCCC Trustee candidate in 2011, lost election; current precinct committeeman for Ward 2, Precinct 1 in Lenexa; past Deacon at Shawnee Presbyterian Church; member of Lenexa Masonic Lodge #135; member and past president of Kansas Academy of Science

Education: BS in Biology from Washburn Univ., Topeka, Kansas, 1968; MS in Biology from Ft. Hays State Univ., Hays, Kansas, 1976; ADS in Nursing, JCCC, Overland Park, Kansas, 1991


Why did you decide to run for the JCCC Board of Trustees?

I am running for JCCC Board of Trustee because I am interested in the future of JCCC, the continuation of its excellent reputation in the state and nationally and the excellent educational opportunities offered by the college and its top faculty.

What are some goals you hope to accomplish as a board member?

Some of my goals is to continue the college’s reputation by appointing a quality candidate as president of the college, ensuring that the college maintain its good financial standing by insisting on a more sensible approach to its discretionary spending, encouraging a more equitable treatment of the adjunct faculty and finally maintain a safe environment for the students and staff.

What do you see as being some of the major challenges JCCC is currently facing and how would you address those?

The major challenges I see facing the college are (1) appointing a quality candidate as president of the college by insisting that the candidate be an honest individual with integrity, have a transparent policy by being open to all inquiries from staff, students and citizens of Johnson County; (2) continue to maintain the financial footing of the college by reducing the wasteful discretional spending and placing a freeze on the tuition and mill levy; and (3) treat the adjunct faculty more fairly by giving them better benefits and giving them a say in those issues directly affecting the faculty and the educational process.

What do you see as being the main role of the JCCC Board of Trustees?

I see the major role of the JCCC Board of Trustees as an advocate for both the college and especially for the citizens of Johnson County since they were the ones that elected the Board. Above all, the Board should not be a rubber stamp for the whims of the college administration unless a strong case can be made for those whims.

Specifically, how might you, as a board member, benefit the school and its students?

I will benefit the college, as a member of the Board of Trustees by not being a rubber stamp for the president and I will vote against any expenditure that I feel are wasteful and unnecessary or will not advance the educational quality of the college. I will vote against any increase in tuition or mill levy until I can see that it is absolutely necessary. My top concern will be to see that the college continue its fine reputation as a top community college in the nation


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