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Mill Valley QB competition still a dead heat at preseason scrimmage

September 3, 2013

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After Friday's Mill Valley Night Lights, the Jaguars don’t seem any closer to making a decision on the team’s starting quarterback.

Coach Joel Applebee is still waiting for one of three candidates — senior Dylan Cole, junior Ty Bruce and sophomore Logan Koch — to separate himself. Since the offseason couldn’t yield a go-to passer, it looks like the regular season will have to sort that out. Applebee said after the scrimmage that the team will make a decision on the starter by Tuesday of game week.

"Now, they're all going to be on the field in some way at some point in time,” he said. “They're all too good of athletes not to have on the field. We're going to find some place for them."

Friday would have been an ideal time to witness the play styles of each player, but watching the scrimmage became an exercise in deciphering binary code. Each quarterback and offensive playmaker wore a number "1" on their jersey while most of the defense sported "0"s. Don’t read too much into it.

"I just got tired of matching up numbers on offense and defense," Applebee said.

Senior linebacker Micah Clark said, who plays against them every practice, gave an assessment on the trio. Cole, who comes from Independence, Mo., can use his size to bowl over defenders, whereas Koch is a slippery scrambler. Bruce might be the most balanced, pro-style passer the team has.

"You've got to adjust to whatever's out there,” Clarke said. “Having three guys that play at such a high level is going to be really good for us."

The only three offensive touchdowns were 80-yarders: Nick Wilson ran up the right side for one while Christian Jegen and Chase Midyett navigated the defense for impressive catch-and-runs. The defense won the scrimmage, 28-21, but players still think this offense will be an asset in 2013.The scrimmage was the main attraction of a long night at Mill Valley with football scrimmages of every age group, K-12. The atmosphere was just like a regular game and the stands were near capacity.

"Tonight was mostly about the little kids,” Applebee said. “We wanted to give them a chance to be on the field and enjoy playing under the lights."

Mill Valley starts the season at home Friday against Manhattan, one of just two teams to defeat the Jaguars last year. As far as scheduling games to prepare for the post-season go, this is as challenging as it gets.

"Not too many people have that chance to go up against a bigger team, especially with our lineup, we're pumped," senior Ian Calkins said. “It’s going to be a good game.”


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