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Kendall: Higher taxes coming soon to Shawnee
September 18, 2013
Get ready, Shawnee, your taxes are going up.
De Soto school board spars over $1 million technology buy
09:46 a.m., September 18, 2013 Updated 12:00 a.m.
The problem isn’t with the amount of money spent on new technology infrastructure equipment, but with the way it was spent.
Affordable Care Act: Will young, healthy people purchase insurance?
September 18, 2013
The Affordable Care Act has a goal of near-universal coverage in the U.S., but for that to happen many young, healthy Americans will have to buy insurance. Otherwise, experts say, costs may go up for everyone else, such as people with pre-existing conditions, who for the first time will be able to purchase insurance without restrictions.
Affordable Care Act: KU MedWest doesn’t expect big changes
September 18, 2013
How the law often known as Obamacare affects medical practices remain to be seen, but many physicians and health care experts say they don’t expect that doctors’ offices will experience a lot of changes.
Scott: In the end, how will they tell your story?
September 18, 2013
Everybody has a story. It makes no difference whether it’s the chief executive of a major corporation who makes a gazillion dollars a year, the janitor who cleans the local school building or the panhandler on the corner looking for a little charity to get him by for awhile until he can entreat the next passerby for another crumpled dollar bill.