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Letter to the editor: Vote on March 3 and April 7

January 20, 2015

On Tuesday, April 7, the residents of Shawnee will have the opportunity to elect a new mayor, but, sadly, only a small percentage of us are likely to vote.

In 2012, when Jeff Meyers won a third term as Mayor of Shawnee, just 5,229 votes were cast by 40,105 registered voters. 13.04 percent.

It’s a shame that so few in Shawnee vote in municipal elections because I wouldn’t be surprised if each and every resident of our city has a local concern that the next mayor will address. All of us will be affected by the decision made on Election Day, so more of our voters ought to be a part of making it.

There are four candidates on the ballot for mayor this spring, all with Shawnee City Council experience.

In fact, at the moment, Shawnee is the only city in the county that will need a primary to narrow the list of candidates before Election Day.

That election will be held on March 3.

It’s a strong field and a difficult decision, but it’s a vote that’s worth casting. Follow the campaign. Call the candidates. Write the candidates. Ask them about their plans for Shawnee. I’m certain that they’re eager to correspond with you.

This election deserves your attention, Shawnee. Vote on March 3 and April 7.

Nathan Carter, Shawnee


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