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Voting numbers vary by ward in Shawnee

March 16, 2015

The official results for this month's Shawnee mayoral primary, including a breakdown of how each ward in Shawnee voted, were released last week by the Johnson County Election office and they show that voter turnout varied between the four wards.

Wards 1 and 2 saw the largest voter turnout with 1,279 and 1,054 respectively. Ward 1 makes up the northeast portion of Shawnee from Monticello Road east to Switzer Road. Ward 2 makes up eastern Shawnee, east of Pflumm Road between 55th Street and 71st Street.

Just behind Wards 1 and 2 was Ward 4 with 987 votes. Ward 4 represents southern Shawnee south of Shawnee Mission Parkway and east of Kansas Highway 7.

Ward 3 saw the lowest voter turnout with 871 people coming out to vote in the primary. Ward 3 covers western Shawnee. Ward three has historically been one of the hardest parts of Shawnee to get voters to the polls for municipal elections even though is has 10,479 registered voters, second only to Ward 1 which has 10,712 registered voters.

Overall, just over 10 percent of all registered voters in the city turned out for the primary election, from from just over 8 percent in 2012.

Here's a look at how each ward voted for the four candidates in the Mar. 3 primary in which Michelle Dislter and Dan Pflumm received the most votes and advanced while Council member Jeff Vaught and John Segale did not.

In Ward 1, Pflumm's ward for which he currently represents on the City Council, 34 percent of the people voted for Pflumm while 22 percent voted for Distler and 21 percent voted for both Vaught and Segale.

In Ward 2, 33 percent of residents voted for Distler with 30 percent voting for Pflumm, 16 percent voting for Segale and 19 percent voting for Vaught.

In Ward 3, Vaught's ward which he represent on the city council, Vaught tallied the most votes with 32 percent while Distler followed with 26 percent, then Pflumm with 24 percent and lastly Segale with 16 percent.

In Ward 4, Distler's ward which she currently represent on the City Council, Distler took the ward with 31 percent of the votes followed by Pflumm with 29 percent, Vaught with 21 percent and Segale with 17 percent.


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