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Mill Valley cross country shines at Rim Rock

September 28, 2015

The Mill Valley cross country program posted some strong performances at the Rim Rock Farm High School Classic in Lawrence on Saturday, competing against a large field of teams from across the Midwest region.

The boys team took fourth place in the Crimson 5,000-meter race, finishing with a total score of 212. The girls, meanwhile, placed fifth as a team with a score of 129. Thirty-eight schools competed in the boys race, while 15 schools competed in the girls race.

The Mill Valley boys were led by sophomore Justin Grega, who finished 27th with a time of 17:09.40. Sophomore Tyler Coad (34th, 17:14.00), junior Max Jones (43rd, 17:29.50), senior Garret Fields (47th, 17:30.60) and sophomore Gavin Overbeck (83rd, 17:54.60) rounded out the Jaguars’ point scorers.

The Mill Valley girls were led by senior Ellie Wilson, who took 25th place with a time of 20:37.20. Senior Amber Akin (32nd, 20:52.00), freshman Delaney Kemp (34th, 20:54.80), junior Anna Clayborn (46th, 21:15.50) and sophomore Britton Nelson (48th, 21:19.80) rounded out the Lady Jaguars’ point scorers.

The St. James Academy girls finished 11th as a team in the Gold 5,000-meter race, finishing with a total score of 358. The Thunder were led by junior Gabrielle Boucher, who finished 33rd with a time of 19:50.20. Junior Carlie Yunger (44th, 20:10.10), senior Judi Jones (47th, 20:13.80), sophomore Mary Goetz (113th, 21:12.90) and junior Hannah Schaefer (126th, 21:23.20) rounded out the St. James point scorers.

The St. James Academy boys finished 16th in the Crimson race, finishing with a total score of 378. Junior Erik Wilkinson led the way, taking 20th with a time of 17:00.30. Senior Daniel LaPlante (60th, 17:39.20), freshman Jack Moore (96th, 18:02.90), senior Ben Huerter (104th, 18:07.80) and sophomore Kyle Banash (131st, 18:26.00) rounded out the Thunder’s point scorers.

The Maranatha Christian Academy girls finished seventh in the Blue race, compiling a score of 176. The Lady Eagles were led by junior Talia Morrow, who took 57th place with a time of 22:25.80. Senior Brooklyn Kroening (75th, 22:53.50), senior Courtlyn Eisele (76th, 22:53.60), senior Sara Elliot (82nd, 22:59.40) and sophomore Savannah Shiner (133rd, 23:56.00) rounded out the Lady Eagles’ point scorers.

The Maranatha boys finished fifth in the Blue race, scoring a total of 150 points. The Eagles were led by junior Austin Boatwright, who took 13th place with a time of 17:31.20. Senior C.J. Shiner (34th, 18:02.60), junior Alstan Walker (47th, 18:20.10), senior Xavier Henderson (57th, 18:23.10) and senior Ben Bailey (72nd, 18:42.10) rounded out the Eagles’ point scorers.

The De Soto boys took 17th as a team in the Crimson race, finishing with a total score of 393. The Wildcats were led by senior Luis Murillo, who took 24th place with a time of 17:05.60. Senior Travis Hodge (24th, 17:07.70), junior Taylor Ramseyer (93rd, 18:00.30), sophomore Andre VanMeerhaeghe (140th, 18:29.40) and freshman Sam Hubert (142nd, 18:29.90) rounded out the De Soto point scorers.

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