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Letter: A ‘very good’ police department

April 22, 2016

To the editor:

My mother-in-law recently had an estate sale at her home in Shawnee. We elected to contract with the Shawnee Police Department for security for the three days of the sale.

To accomplish that, each day a different police officer was present at the sale. On my “driveway duty” over the three days, it was a pleasure to meet so many friendly Shawnee people, especially those in the Red Oak Hills area where we had the sale. Without exception, those are the happiest, friendliest people you'll find anywhere.

But the best takeaway from the experience was how phenomenal the police officers were. And my impression, which I learned is shared by many, is how excellent the Shawnee Police Department is. I spent about 18 hours with the officers and observed true professionalism and competence the entire time. Watching how each one interacted with the public was very instructive. They were all friendly, warm, attentive, patient and caring in every comfortable interaction they had. And it seems that about every member of the community has or had a connection with a police department somewhere and shared that with the officers, often at great length. In every case, the officers listened attentively and patiently.

I believe I can say with confidence that the culture and quality of the Shawnee Police Department is very, very good, and the citizens of Shawnee can and should take great comfort and pride in that.

Jim Cook



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