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SM North swimming places third at Olathe North Invitational

Shawnee Mission North swimmers Harrison Boldt (left) and Jackson Drakulich (right) cheer on the Indians' 400 freestyle relay teams, Friday at the Olathe North Invitational. The Indians placed third overall out of four teams.

Shawnee Mission North swimmers Harrison Boldt (left) and Jackson Drakulich (right) cheer on the Indians' 400 freestyle relay teams, Friday at the Olathe North Invitational. The Indians placed third overall out of four teams.

January 29, 2016

— Heading into to his team's final tune-up before the Sunflower League Championships, Shawnee Mission North coach Cody Fothergill was excited to see what the Indians could do Friday at the Olathe North Invitational based on their performance at the meet in year's past.

After SM North came away with a third-place finish out of the four-team competition, Fothergill left the meet expecting more out of the Indians.

"I think we gave a great effort, but our times did not match our effort," Fothergill said. "I was not pleased with most of the times that we swam today. We had some good races, but the majority were less than what we hoped for."

One of the bright spots for SM North was Carter Jacobson, who finished second in the 50 freestyle with a time of 24.24 seconds despite swimming in the second to last heat.

"He had a strong turn and a fantastic second 25," Fothergill said. "He had his rhythm going, he was stretching far and just put the whole thing together."

Jacobson indicated that a tip from a teammate helped him to a personal best.

"Charlie (Kaifes) told me to not breath coming back, and that really helped out," Jacobson said.

Kaifes posted a second-place finish of his own in the 100 backstroke – clocking in at 59.72 seconds.

The Indians totaled 316 points, finishing behind Sunflower League opponents Olathe North (351) and and Olathe East (342.5). Fothergill was not one to make excuses for why the Indians did not fulfill his expectations, but hopes that the third-place finish will get the team's attention while preparing for the league meet Friday and Saturday at California Trail Middle School in Olathe.

"Bill Self always likes a good whoopin' before the end of the season, so maybe the same will be true for us," Fothergill said.

Although Jacobson was one of the swimmers Fothergill was most pleased with Friday, the SM North junior's focus is already geared forward to the league meet.

"Since we have practice tomorrow, I think everyone will try working harder," Jacobson said.

Olathe North Invitational

Team scores – 1. Olathe North, 351; 2. Olathe East, 342.5; 3. Shawnee Mission North, 316; 4. St. Thomas Aquinas, 149.5.

Shawnee Mission North results

200 medley – 3. Charlie Kaifes, Clayton McMillin, Keighan Miller, James Cameron, 1:50.63; 6. Sam Cramer, Bob Collins, Gressi Lopez, Harrison Boldt, 2:00.65; 9. Rowan Jones, Cameron Watson, Antonio Gutierrez, Dylan Robertson, 2:14.31; 11. Luke Grandgenett, Giancarlo Cardona, Jackson Drakulich, Cale Chapman, 2:33.99.

200 freestyle – 5. Kaden Venard, 2:13.96; 6. Daniel Garren, 2:16.28; 9. Sam Thompson, 2:34.25; 10. Eric Kyle, 2:35.63.

200 IM – 5. Harrison Boldt, 2:32.62; 8. Bob Collins, 2:35.51; 9. Antonio Gutierrez, 2:48.67; 10. Giancarlo Cardona, 2:50.60.

50 freestyle – 2. Carter Jacobson, 24.24; 5. Charlie Kaifes, 24.43; 6. Keighan Miller, 24.46; 11. Jon McMillin, 24.91; 12. Clayton McMillin, 25.75; 20. Gressi Lopez, 26.96; 27. Cameron Watson, 28.40; 31. Rowan Jones, 29.43; 36. Jackson Drakulich, 31.44; 40. Luke Grandgenett, 33.63; Cale Chapman, 34.48; 42. Noah Cramer, 38.34.

100 butterfly – 5. Kaden Venard, 1:04.19; 7. Gressi Lopez, 1:07.89; 11. Antonio Gutierrez, 1:12.59.

100 freestyle – 5. Jon McMillin, 54.88; 8. Carter Jacobson, 57.64; 9. James Cameron, 59.16; 12. Sam Cramer, 1:00.85; 19. Dylan Robertson, 1:07.15; 24. Noah Cramer, 1:26.00.

500 freestyle – 4. Daniel Garren, 6:25.30; 5. Sam Thompson, 6:40.96; 6. Luke Grandgenett, 6:53.75; Eric Kyle, 7:16.97.

200 freestyle relay – 3. Carter Jacobson, James Cameron, Jon McMillin, Keighan Miller, 1:40.34; 5. Harrison Boldt, Bob Collins, Gressi Lopez, Kaden Venard, 1:45.77; 9. Cameron Watson, Giancarlo Cardona, Dylan Robertson, Antonio Gutierrez, 1:58.15.

100 backstroke – 2. Charlie Kaifes, 59.72; 6. Clayton McMillin, 1:08.61; 8. Sam Cramer, 1:10.87; 11. Rowan Jones, 1:21.95.

100 breaststroke – 4. Harrison Boldt, 1:12.28; 15. Cameron Watson, 1:23.22; 17. Giancarlo Cardona, 1:24.05; 18. Cale Chapman, 1:36.35; DQ. Bob Collins.

400 freestyle relay – 3. Jon McMillin, Carter Jacobson, Keighan Miller, Charlie Kaifes, 3:41.30; 5. Kaden Venard, James Cameron, Justin Dukelow, Clayton McMillin, 3:59.36; 8. Daniel Garren, Dylan Robertson, Eric Kyle, Sam Cramer, 4:24.40; 9. Sam Thompson, Noah Cramer, Luke Grandgenett, Rowan Jones, 5:11.60.


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