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New Shawnee paint studio offers stress-free creativity

Christa Klover, of Shawnee, recently opened her art studio, Painted Clover, in the heart of downtown.

Christa Klover, of Shawnee, recently opened her art studio, Painted Clover, in the heart of downtown.

July 18, 2016

For the past three years, Christa Klover has traveled all over the Kansas City area, encouraging senior citizens to embrace their creativity.

Now, she’s putting her roots down in Shawnee.

The vivacious young artist opened her studio, Painted Clover, on July 8 in the heart of downtown Shawnee, at 5720 Nieman Road.

In her bright and elegantly decorated space, she teaches step-by-step painting classes for kids and adults. Themes include everything from paint and sip, for adults who love wine, to potlucks, for those who love to eat.

Klover also hosts bachelorette painting parties and corporate team-building workshops.

“Most people think they’re too busy to try something new, so I want to offer a relaxing, easy class that lets people get out of their head for an hour or two,” Klover said. “It’s about forgetting your stresses. It’s about making memories and making new friends.”

Before opening shop, Klover ran Painted Clover solely as a mobile business, offering painting classes to senior living communities across the metro.

The journey to founding her company was an unusual one.

When Klover graduated with her bachelor’s degree from Emporia State University in 2009, the recession was in full swing and there were no jobs available for college graduates.

“Not even McDonald’s was hiring,” she said.

So, when a friend invited her to visit him in Peru, she jumped at the offer.

Klover spent a few months in the South American country, strolling around Lima while drawing in her sketchbook and lounging on park benches while people watched.

“I only spoke a little Spanish, and I was scared to death to go and leave everything in my life behind,” she said. “But the experience was exactly what I needed. Being all by yourself in a foreign country makes you feel small, but it also makes you want to do something great with your life.”

When she got back to Kansas, she snagged a job as an activities assistant at the Garden Villas of Lenexa retirement community.

While there, she saw a need for creativity.

The Garden Villas residents were offered craft classes and music performances, but Klover didn’t feel they had many stimulating activities.

So, in June 2013, she established Painted Clover, where she traveled to various senior living communities to teach painting classes.

Her business immediately took off and to this day, she spends each week hauling her art supplies from Gardner to North Kansas City.

“It gives older people something to look forward to and it’s a chance to express artistic freedom,” Klover said. “And some of them see me more than their own family members, so it’s not just about painting, it’s about friendship. I share my life with them and they share theirs with me.”

With her new Shawnee location, Klover hopes to draw a younger audience to her classes.

As a resident, she also wanted to keep her business close to home.

“Shawnee is very homey and tight knit,” she said. “Businesses are really supportive of each other here.”

Klover also offers mobile parties for residents to host in their homes.

For pricing information, class schedules and more about Painted Clover, visit


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