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Emergency storm water pipe repair to cost Shawnee more than $1 million

March 18, 2016

The city of Shawnee is addressing several emergency storm water repairs around the city that will cost more than $1 million.

The major emergency project is Holliday Drive near the Deffenbaugh landfill entrance. Two others are located at 73rd Terrace and Quivira Road, and in the 7400 block of Woodland Road.

In October of last year, city staff received a complaint of a dip in Holliday Drive near the Johnson County Landfill entrance. It is estimated that about 600 garbage trucks enter the landfill at that location daily, and the route is also a popular access to Interstate 435 for western Shawnee residents.

The October report documented that Holliday Drive had a 2-inch cross-road dip due to failure of a 72-inch corrugated metal pipe beneath the roadway. In less than four months, this cross-road dip deepened to 8 inches and now expands across all four lanes of Holliday Drive. The 39-year-old pipe is 40-feet deep at the median of Holliday Drive.

City staff investigated several methods of repair and recommended spiral-wound PVS and Hobas Pipe Lining with Access Steel Casing at an estimated cost of $1 million. Complete repair of this large and deep pipe will include several steps: engineering, BNSF permitting, pipe repair, flume repair, deep roadway embankment stabilization, Holliday Drive roadway repair and adjacent surface repairs.

The council approved the project unanimously, and Council Member Stephanie Meyer said the fix can’t come soon enough as the dip has significantly worsened over the past several months.

The council also approved emergency projects originally not scheduled to be completed until after the 2015 Mill and Overlay projects were done.

Emergency repair of a pipe is now required at 73rd Terrace and Quivira Road. On Feb. 29, in response to a citizen complaint of a pothole, public works staff went to fill the pothole and realized it was a possible pipe failure and contacted storm water staff to investigate. Staff estimated full replacement of the 113-foot pipe with reinforced concrete pipe would cost about $205,000.

Repairs were also approved for the 7400 block of Woodland, where $60,500 worth of work is needed to repair two pipes and two inlets that are causing Woodland Drive to fail.


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