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Council candidate wants to put politics aside, focus on Shawnee’s economic future

August 15, 2017

To the Editor:

After spending the summer talking with hundreds of Shawnee residents and community leaders, I reached an important conclusion.

The time for polarization and partisanship is over.

While the people of Shawnee don’t agree on everything, there is more bringing us together than separating us.

To build a vibrant future, we need to listen to each other, find the best solutions, and commit to a shared vision that includes every Shawnee resident and business.

The dispute right now seems to be about whether economic incentives are good or bad. To me this is an oversimplified debate within a much bigger question.

The question is how can our elected officials, city staff, residents and developers work as partners to create a bright and prosperous future in Shawnee.

Responsible, balanced and sustainable economic development, along with strategic city planning will make Shawnee a more attractive place to live, work and do business.

This will produce an increase in revenue and the ability for Shawnee to adequately fund public safety, roads, parks and other resident priorities.

For Shawnee to remain competitive with neighboring cities and bring additional revenue to fund these priorities, we must be practical in our approach, which may include the consideration of incentives and public-private partnerships.

In talking with one resident this week, I expressed my desire to bring folks together as we plan for Shawnee’s future.

When asked how we do this in a time where polarization seems to be the norm, the answer became clear.

We do this one conversation at a time.

In the end we have to decide if we will focus on our differences or find our common ground, on which we can build a vibrant future in Shawnee, one that we can be proud to pass on to future generations.

Lindsey Constance

Ward 4 Shawnee City Council candidate


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