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Here’s a checklist for your winter insurance coverage

January 13, 2017

TOPEKA, Kan. — Ice, winds, blowing snow and cold temperatures have hit most of Kansas. Kansans need to check their homeowners and vehicle insurance policies to be sure they are familiar with potential winter weather situations, said Ken Selzer, CPA, Kansas Commissioner of Insurance.

“If you can, check with your local insurance agents about what’s covered in your policies,” said Commissioner Selzer. “Overall, homeowners and vehicle policies provide basic protection, but some policies provide a broader range of coverages than others. It is best to know what your individual policy contains.”

Consumers should review these points about their winter insurance coverage:

“When you contact your agent, you should have a copy of your policy or insurance card handy. If you have put together a vehicle or household winter storm preparation kit, you might want to keep a copy there,” Selzer said.

If you still have questions, contact the Kansas Insurance Department Consumer Assistance Representatives at 800-432-2484. You can also go to the KID website to use the online chat feature on the home page.

Information is also available on the department website, including the publication, “Kansas Homeowners and Renters Insurance and Shopper’s Guide.”

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