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Coffee shop to open in downtown Shawnee

January 31, 2017

The aroma of roasted coffee beans will soon envelope downtown Shawnee.

Nieman Bay Coffee House is set to open within the next month on the southwest corner of Johnson Drive and Nieman Road, right next to Dodge City Beef.

The shop will sell traditional hot, cold and frozen coffee drinks, as well as chai. It will feature quiches from C. Jack’s, which is housed in the same shopping center, as well as baked goods, also locally sourced.

The main coffee sold in the shop will be from The Roasterie, a popular Kansas City company.

“I feel this will be Shawnee’s coffee shop and I want people to know that as a Kansas Citian, I strongly believe we should help each other,” said Brian Lambert, the owner of the soon-to-be Nieman Bay Coffee House. “In the last 20 years, Kansas City has really grown when it comes to small, local businesses. I’m always learning of a new restaurant or shop, which makes discovering this area fun and interesting.”

Lambert told the Dispatch that he had been longing to open a coffee shop for years, but never found the right spot. When he learned the space next to Dodge City Beef was open, he snatched it up.

The space used to be occupied by the Downtown Coffee House, but that business vacated last summer.

“The location is great and the timing is perfect because downtown is on the verge of becoming revitalized,” Lambert said. “I think this part of Shawnee could use a locally owned coffee house. I want it to be a fun place for people to gather.”

In the future, he hopes the coffee shop could be used as an event space for parties or small wedding receptions.

Right now, the space, which is approximately 2,000 square-feet, is being remodeled.

To give it a retro appeal, historical elements are being incorporated.

Dan Pflumm, who owns the property, said he thinks adding the subtle historical detail into the coffee house is a cool idea.

After all, the quaint-looking downtown shopping strip is an iconic sight in Shawnee.

And the coffee shop space has gone through many different incarnations.

For decades, the space was part of the expanded Shawnee State Bank.

When the shopping strip was originally built more than a century ago, however, half of the space was an alleyway and the other half was the old Davis Store, which sold groceries and dry goods.

The original Shawnee State Bank, which was built in 1908, sat where Dodge City Beef is today. The old Davis Store, across the alley, was built in 1910.

Around 75 years ago, Shawnee State Bank expanded into the alleyway and the old Davis Store, creating the space that sits there today.

On the west side of the coffee house, workers have taken off wall paneling and pulled plaster, to expose the original rock from 1910, offering a literal glimpse into history.

Beams on the west side of the ceiling are from the original Davis store and the beams on the east side of the store are from the 1940s.

The front of the coffee bar will feature hand-carved wooden mosaic strips, crafted in 1954, which were taken from the doorways of the now-closed Halls department store on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City.

Pflumm’s company, DanCo Systems, Inc., is installing modern industrial lighting throughout the shop.

Lambert is thrilled with how the coffee shop is coming along and he’s excited to open its doors soon.

“I’m looking forward to opening day and meeting some of the fine people of Shawnee,” he said.


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