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Bakery to open in former Dodge City Beef space

September 27, 2017

A tasty new business is coming to town.

Sweet T’s Bake Shop is opening on Oct. 1 in the former Dodge City Beef space on the southwest corner of Johnson Drive and Nieman Road.

It will be co-owned by Terri Brockhaus and her son, Danny Lyons, both Kansas City, Kan. residents.

Brockhaus may be a familiar face to some, as she is currently a barista at the Nieman Bay Coffee House, which is right next door to the future bakery.

Sweet T’s will sell homemade breads, rolls, danishes, muffins, sweet breads and cookies, At lunchtime, mini pizzas and sandwiches will also be available.

The bakery will have an open doorway to the coffeeshop.

“I hate to lose Terri as a barista but I couldn’t have asked for anything better for her,” said Brian Lambert, the owner of Nieman Bay. “It will feel almost like a partnership between us because customers will be welcome to go back and forth between our two businesses.”

Brockhaus is no stranger to the world of baked goods.

She has an extensive 30-year career as a baker, having worked as a pastry chef at both Crown Center and the Kansas City Country Club, along with having a reputable wedding cake side business.

Before working at Nieman Bay, she was the manager of Judy’s Bakery in the Legends shopping area.

When she was offered another baking job earlier this year, her son, Danny, convinced her to open her own business.

When Dodge City Beef closed a month ago, it seemed like fate, Brockhaus said.

“I liked the windows, the size, and the location,” she told the Dispatch. “The fact it was right next door to Nieman Bay made it even better, and everyone on the block is very friendly. Everyone knows where Dodge City Beef is and now, it will be our corner.”

Although the prospect of owning her own business seems daunting, Brockhaus will be in good hands with her co-owner.

Her son currently owns two businesses and even owns two commercial smokers, which he uses to barbecue and cater to weddings and parties.

He also makes jalapeno jelly and apple butter.

He’ll be there every step of the way while his mom pursues her dream.

“I’m proud she’s taking this step,” Lyons said. “I’m excited for her.”

Sweet T’s will be open from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday. It will be closed on Sundays.

And while she’s looking forward to opening day, Brockhaus said she is even more excited for the upcoming fall and winter months.

“I’m planning on iced cookies, pumpkin pie and apple crisps for the holiday season,” she said, her eyes lighting up. “There’s a need for a bakery in Shawnee. It’s going to be fun.”


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