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Shawnee Mission changes recycling provider and closes community bins

February 15, 2018

Before 2015, recycling generated a rebate for the Shawnee Mission School District as well as other school districts.

Community members were supportive and brought recyclables like paper to recycling bins located outside schools, which was appreciated.

During the last two years, the district received free recycling pick-ups. Now, the district will pay for those services, just like it does for trash pick-up. Recently, the district added recycling to the existing contract with its trash collection vendor.

"New recycle bins are expected to be delivered by mid-February," said Joan Leavens, sustainability and community engagement coordinator for Shawnee Mission School District. The bins will have locks to discourage public use of the recycling containers. "We value recycling in so many ways, and appreciate the community's past support. We hope community members can use Johnson County's curbside recycling service from this point forward."

To see a list of local recycling drop-off locations, click here.


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