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Letter to the editor: Resident raises concerns with Shawnee council campaign donations

January 19, 2018

To the editor:

I realize it’s rather late to be responding to two letters written on Oct. 30, 2017, but they have just come to my attention and I believe a response is still relevant.

One letter written by Marlys Shulda concerns the campaign of Dave Myres who ran for Shawnee Council Ward 3.

The other letter written by Michael Wray concerned the campaign of Tony Noble who ran for Shawnee Council Ward 4.

Both writers accused these candidates of sending out political literature that was partisan, divisive, mean-spirited and demeaning in nature.

Shulda advocated voting for Justin Adrian who he described as a candidate who meets with Shawnee voters and would represent their concerns.

Wray supported Lindsey Constance who he said would be a councilperson who would represent her constituents rather than a political ideology.

Both Adrian and Constance won their respective campaigns.

In researching who donated and backed the campaign of Constance, I was amazed that well over 50 percent of her contributions came from businesses, developers, organizations and individuals who did not live in Shawnee.

In fact, she had contributions that came in as far away as London, England, and San Francisco.

The Johnson County Democratic Party and affiliates contributed a total of $900 to her campaign (On file with the Johnson County Election Board).

Likewise, Justin Adrian had well above 60 percent of his campaign contributions coming from outside Shawnee.

I might ask, how can these so-called non-partisan council members truly represent the residents of Shawnee when they are financially beholden to interests outside of Shawnee?

Michael Kalny

Republican Precinct Committeeman Ward 4 Precinct 02


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