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Letter to the editor: A second Shawnee resident responds to Jan. 17 letter

January 30, 2018

To the Editor:

This is a response to the letter from Republican Committeeman Michael Kalny from Jan. 17, in which I was mentioned.

I would also like to thank Ms. Hahn for her letter from Jan. 24, and echo her sentiment.

My initial inclination was to write a similar letter as she did, but I chose not to. I felt that to dignify such propaganda with a response would only further the author’s original misrepresentations; nevertheless, I am glad that someone else did set the record straight.

I have come to know Lindsey over the last several months, and know her as a honest, straightforward person who will represent her constituents, as I stated in a letter last fall.

In the conversations I have had with Lindsey about politics, both she and I have been frank about our differences, but the fact that differences existed did not stop her from listening to me, considering my point of view, and balancing it with that of her other constituents.

In the single conversation I had with her former opponent (Tony Noble; also reported in a letter last fall), I was told what he believed, and what he would do. There was no collaboration, no engagement, and no consideration.

This is perhaps why Mr. Kalny supported Mr. Noble, as it is apparent from his letter that he takes the same approach in his research.

This was also the approach of several former councilmembers, particularly those who lost in 2017.

Lindsey was elected to represent a ward that encompasses people of every socioeconomic and political demographic, and she is uniquely committed to representing this broad coalition of diverse people, as her unparalleled community engagement has proven.

Michael Wray

Ward IV, Precinct IX Republican Committeeman


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