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Letter to the Editor: Lenexa veteran responds to July 8 letter

July 9, 2018

To the editor:

I am proud of my city today.

Approximately one month, and a few days after Mr. Kobach rode in a star spangled jeep with a replica (meaning non-firing) M2 .50 cal machine gun, he appeared again in the same vehicle in the Lenexa, Kansas 4th of July parade.

The city of Lenexa allowed him to do this after some protest from residents, because there was not only any public safety issue, but was also his right under our 1st amendment in the Bill of Rights.

The city of Lenexa was on the right side of history to allow him to exercise his rights as a citizen of this great nation and state.

Many people have most likely wrote you showing their disapproval, but I for one applaud this display of 1st and 2nd amendment freedom.

If we constantly attempt to squash speech and free will because people find issue with it, we are no better than others around the world who attempt to kill speech and cull their constituents.

As one person, Mr. D.J. Whetter, pointed out in his letter to the editor “Freedom of speech has consequences”, and he could not be more correct.

We all have the freedom to speak as we see fit within the bounds set by the law. We all have the right to protest, to express ourselves, and to either support or not support certain ideas.

I find it deplorable that someone would ever attempt to infringe on the rights of another for simple disagreement.

If Mr. Whetter is so concerned about these issues, I hope he continues to speak his mind, as we all support that, and also speak out in open forum.

Squashing free speech you do not agree with is not in alignment with the freedoms many have fought for, regardless of political party.

Mr. Whetter also attempts to tell the city to consider “a policy change or a policy enforcement moving forward.”

To attempt to legislate freedom of expression, or speech away is a direct attack on the freedom of the individual, and Mr. Whetter should be ashamed to attempt to project power unto others just because he doesn’t like what someone has to say.

M. Matt Catsimanes

Lenexa resident

Marine Corps veteran


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