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Letter to the editor: Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook responds to July 23 letter

July 24, 2018

To the editor:

My priority as an elected official is integrity. When I became aware that Michael Wray was presenting himself as a “Republican,” yet did not agree with most of the Republican Party platform, I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and questioned his sincerity on Facebook.

We had an exchange for several minutes. He has since blocked me, so I can no longer see what is on his site.

You see, most voters believe that if you are a Republican candidate, you believe in limited government, fiscal responsibility and support traditional family values. When that is not the case, that candidate may purposely be trying to deceive the voters.

Yes, Wray’s opponent is the husband of my campaign treasurer, but I would have questioned Wray’s intentions in any case - because he is known for supporting Democrats.

Indeed, even the Johnson County Republican Party chairman has informed Wray that all of his voting privileges will again be removed if he is elected.

The voters have a right to know where Wray stands. They should not be deceived.

Mary Pilcher-Cook

Republican Kansas State Senator

District 10


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