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Letter to the editor: Wray’s opponent responds to July 23 letter

July 27, 2018

To the editor:

Earlier this week, Michael Wray wrote a letter to the editor saying that he “has faced attacks from ‘ultra-cons’ from every level of elected office…”, for having an opinion.

Wray was elected to a party position of precinct committeeman in the Republican Party. I would like to set the record straight about Wray.

He and I, John Wodtke, both ran for Republican Precinct Committeeman for Ward 4, Precinct 9 in 2016.

Wray, then 18 years old, won by 10 votes. Soon after being elected, Michael was stripped of his voting rights on party business, because of inappropriate conduct for a committeeman. He has again put himself on the ballot.

I am again running so that Republicans in our precinct will have a true Republican to represent them. One who has voting rights on party business.

Precinct Committeemen and women are their party’s resource person for their neighborhood, vote on County party business, and vote to replace members of the legislature who cannot finish their term.

Wray was elected to represent his Republican neighbors. He did this by voting for, and promoting Democrats. Because he continues to do so, party leadership has already made it public that his voting rights will again be stripped if he is re-elected. This will leave his precinct unrepresented.

Wray has stated that he has not deceived anyone because he has posted his views on Facebook and written letters to the editor. But, by putting himself on the ballot as a Republican, then turning around and supporting Democrats, and not revealing that he has been stripped of his voting rights, he is being deceptive.

Voters are not going to go searching Facebook and letters to the editor to see if their precinct committee candidates actually support Republican values. That is supposed to be a given.

What Wray doesn’t understand is that this is a PARTY position. Not a state or local position. This position is ruled by the Party Constitution and bylaws. You simply can't run for a position within the Republican party and support Democrats.

Also, addressing his comments about the first Amendment: No one is preventing him from saying or doing anything.

Freedom of Speech is not Freedom from Consequence. Our words have consequences. We are free to say what we like but we are not free from what we say having consequences.

John Wodtke

Candidate for Republican Committeeman, Shawnee Ward 4, Precinct 9


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