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Half Price Banners appoints new president

July 31, 2018

Half Price Banners recently announced that its board of directors has appointed Jered Nussbaum to be president, effective immediately.

Founded in 2002, Half Price Banners is one of the largest, exclusively eCommerce custom marketing solutions companies in the United States

Nussbaum will lead the day-to-day of all national operations and strategy at the company’s corporate headquarters located in Shawnee.

Nussbaum also joins the board of directors.

A news release stated he brings extensive insight into digital marketing and operations from previous leadership positions in both technical and financial roles.

Nussbaum credits his time in Mergers & Acquisitions at AT&T and private equity with keeping him surrounded by entrepreneurs who built businesses based on a clear vision and a strong ability to execute.

He has also spent years managing the creation of custom software applications for enterprises, and for the last half decade he’s been able to focus more directly on web-based businesses primarily supported by digital marketing.

Nussbaum joins an ownership that includes David Vittor and Jerry Greenstein.

“Jered proved himself as an outstanding asset to our company who truly understands the current atmosphere,” Greenstein, previous president of Half Price Banners, commented. “We’re proud of the growth he’s already helped us to achieve, and the board’s decision for him to take on this role was unanimous.”

Greenstein has served as president since 2011 and will remain active in the company as Chairman.

“Jerry’s enthusiasm, dedication, and wealth of business expertise have strengthened every aspect of this company,” Nussbaum said. “He took a small business with a limited product line only offering vinyl banners and expanded it to include hundreds of custom marketing materials. He listened to his customers and understood they wanted more choices from the brand they trusted.”

Greenstein said Nussbaum was the ideal choice for the top leadership role.

“Jered knows that we’ve differentiated ourselves through outstanding customer service and offering exceptional products at a low cost,” Greenstein said. “We’re all excited for him to leverage these core values in the years to come.”

Half Price Banners employs 28 full time employees, including a team of full time designers whose primary responsibility is to review submitted artwork for quality and accuracy. “In the days of automation and click-to-print, I was impressed that Half Price Banners chooses to invest in quality,” Nussbaum said. “It’s one of the best examples that shows our company’s commitment to an incredible customer experience.”

Every customer works with a professional designer who ensures that the customer’s vision is translated into the best possible finished product.

“It makes the entire process more personal,” Greenstein said. “And just like the rest of our customer service, quality is standard. You never have to pay extra to get what you want.”

Nussbaum said he is honored to have been asked to lead Half Price Banners into the future.

“We will continue to expand our product line to give our customers even more differentiated and unique ways to communicate their brand’s message,” he said.

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