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Ten area baseball players named to KABC all-state team; All-league teams announced

June 7, 2018

Ten Shawnee baseball players were selected to the Kansas Association of Baseball Coaches All-State team.

Several other area players joined them on the all-Sunflower League, all-Eastern Kansas League or all-Frontier League teams.

Class 6A

First team

Pitcher — Logan Pittman, Blue Valley

Pitcher — Scott Duensing, BV Northwest

Pitcher — Jon Moll, Olathe South

Pitcher — Thane McDaniel, Junction City

Closer — Jake Zenger, Free State

Catcher — Austin Quick, Lawrence High

First base — Zach Todd, Shawnee Mission West

Second base — Kyle Shiever, Olathe Northwest

Third base — Josh Fiene, BV Northwest

Shortstop — Brady Slavens, Olathe Northwest

Outfield — Kyle Abrahamson, Free State

Outfield — Ryan Koval, Olathe South

Outfield — Jackson Syring, Derby

Outfield — Tyler Gates, Wichita Northwest

Utility — Jackson Hartley, Haysville-Campus

DH — Mateo Martinez, Haysville-Campus

Pitcher of the Year — Blake Pittman, Blue Valley

Player of the Year — Josh Fiene, BV Northwest

Second team

Pitcher — Grant Adler, Derby

Pitcher — Jackson Hartley, Haysville-Campus

Pitcher — Mark Adamiak, SM Northwest

Pitcher — Josh Flack, SM Northwest

Closer — Zavier Morin, Gardner Edgerton

Catcher — Steve Ramos, Wichita West

First base — Chris Closser, SM East

Second base — Cole Martins, Haysville-Campus

Third base — Brandon Ryan, Olathe South

Shortstop — Andrew Stewart, Lawrence High

Outfield — Tanner Leslie, Haysville-Campus

Outfield — Ryan Cunningham, Washburn Rural

Outfield — Brady Peterson, Blue Valley

Outfield — Tyler Henry, Gardner Edgerton

Utility — Jake Baker, Free State

DH — Sean Roseborough, BV Northwest

Class 5A

First Team

Pitcher — Peyton Carson, Shawnee Heights

Pitcher — Connor Mackay, De Soto

Pitcher — Jordan Ellison, Wichita Heights

Pitcher — Ethan Kickhaefer, Salina Central

Closer — Jared Sharp, Blue Valley Southwest

Catcher — Jackson Cobb, Seaman

First baseman — Tanner Buckley, Shawnee Heights

Second baseman — Brody Hanna, Maize South

Third baseman — Jack Wagner, Maize South

Shortstop — Ricardo Yanez, Turner

Outfield — Mitch Lady, Shawnee Heights

Outfield — Zach Farmer, Salina Central

Outfield — Houston McFarlane, Wichita Heights

Outfield — Casey Mayes, Andover

Utility — Kadin Pearson, Valley Center

DH — Blake Steele, BV Southwest

DH — AJ Peters, Bishop Carroll

Player of the Year — Jordan Ellison, Wichita Heights

Pitcher of the Year — Peyton Carson, Shawnee Heights

Second Team

Pitcher — Adrian Perez, Maize

Pitcher — Rene Ramos, BV Southwest

Pitcher — Jovan Gill, BV Southwest

Pitcher — Brady Bockover, Carroll

Closer — Parker Wildeman, Seaman

Catcher — Chase Reynolds, Shawnee Heights

First base — Nick Modrcin, BV Southwest

Second base — Cody Troyer, Wichita Heights

Third base — Carsen Pracht, Carroll

Shortstop — Isaiah Cohens, Goddard

Outfield — RJ Lara, Carroll

Outfield — Ja'Hawn Byrd, Leavenworth

Outfield — Kaden Tate, Wichita Heights

Outfield — Layne Haddock, Salina South

Utility — Sawyer Slayden, Emporia

DH — Alex Epp, Maize South

Honorable Mentions

Pitcher — Braxton Hyde, Liberal

Pitcher — Nolan Sprague, Mill Valley

Pitcher — Alex Kafka, Pittsburg

Pitcher — Quinton Hall, Mill Valley

Pitcher — Mason Musgrave, Turner

Closer — Gage Kennedy, Maize

Catcher — Anthony Slaughter, De Soto

Catcher — Koy Brack, Great Bend

Catcher — Chase Broeker, Leavenworth

Catcher — Tanner Freeman, Turner

Catcher — Ryan Dix, Salina Central

First base — Mason Lundgrin, Salina South

First base — Andrew Wisner, Eisenhower

Second base — Ryan Brendan, Aquinas

Second base — Johnathan Contreras, Mill Valley

Second base — Garrett Gasaway, St. James

Second base — Camden Jurgensen, Maize

Third base — Justin Tinkler, BV Southwest

Third base — Shaun Gomez, Shawnee Heights

Third base — Ryan Sauter, Olathe West

Shotstop — Bryce Boomsma, Wichita Heights

Shortstop — Bradyn Wiens, Maize South

Shortstop — Chris Hunter, Schlagle

Shortstop — Jordan Helm, Maize

Shortstop — Wade Reynolds, Eisenhower

Outfield — Dakota Sill, Lansing

Outfield — Isaac Ammann, Mill Valley

Outfield — Blake Mitchell, Goddard

Outfield — Chase Elias, Aquinas

Outfield — Logan Brede, Shawnee Heights

Outfield — Will Morris, Mill Valley

Outfield — Blake Freeman, Carroll

Utility — Hayden Bontrager, Maize South

Utility — Tye Cicero, Pittsburg

Class 4A-DI

First Team

Pitcher — Hunter O'Toole, Arkansas City

Pitcher — Austin Zellers, Andover Central

Pitcher — Garrett VanDeventer, Arkansas City

Pitcher — Jared Parenti, Ottawa

Closer — Dylan Werries, McPherson

Catcher — Chandler Bloomer, Ottawa

First base — Matt Campbell, Fort Scott

Second base — Andrew Brautman, Arkansas City

Third base — Kurt Golubski, Paola

Shortstop — Carter Putz, Bishop Miege

Outfield — Khalil Thrasher, Eudora

Outfield — Nick Modes, Paola

Outfield - Jackson Lewallen, Andover Central

Outfield — Lane Coulter, Circle

Outfield — Caleb Hitt, Andale

Utility — Cooper Elliot, Andover Central

DH — Lawson Schultz, Buhler

Co-Players of the Year — Kurt Golubski, Paola; Carter Putz, Bishop Miege

Pitcher of the Year — Hunter O'Toole, Arkansas City

Second Team

Pitcher — Kurt Golubski, Paola

Pitcher — Dawson Dreher, Buhler

Pitcher — Ethan Axman, Miege

Pitcher — Brody Cates, Andale

Closer — Josiah Crowley, Bonner Springs

Catcher — Paul Wendling, Miege

First base — Brandon Walker, Piper

Second base — Sam Savoie, Andale

Third base — Kaleb Shaffer, Ottawa

Shortstop — Dylan Werries, McPherson

Shortstop — Cade Gonzalez, Arkansas City

Outfield — Peyton Garvin, Eudora

Outfield — Jackson Burrell, Spring Hill

Outfield — Ben Epp, Buhler,

Outfield — Brody Cates, Andale

Utility — Adam Schrag, Buhler

DH — Seth Bugner, Andale

Honorable Mentions

Pitcher — Russell Simmons, Bonner Springs

Pitcher — Dylan Hahn, Andale

Pitcher — Michael Post, Andale

Catcher — Lawson Schultz, Buhler

First base — Owen LaMar, Ottawa

Second base — Easton Barrier, Circle

Third base — Palmer Hutchinson, Hays

Outfield — Trey Riggs, Hays

Class 4A-DII

First Team

Pitcher — Derek Bycroft, Iola

Pitcher — Kaden Evert, Pratt

Pitcher — Alex Barger, Larned

Pitcher — Carson Cornelius, Nickerson

Closer — Grant Bolen, Pratt

Catcher — Tucker Gehrt, Rock Creek

First base — Luke Wolgamatt, Parsons

Second base — Travis Theis, Pratt

Third base — Kaden Tichenor, Holcomb

Shortstop — Carson Zenger, Rock Creek

Outfield — Logan Waldschmidt, Kingman

Outfield — Josh Salazar, Nickerson

Outfield — Reese Bayliff, Trinity Academy

Outfield — Calvin Delich, Iola

Utility — Tanner Schrag, Nickerson

DH — Paden Cornelsen, Holcomb

Player of the Year — Carson Zenger, Rock Creek

Pitcher of the Year — Derek Brycroft, Iola

Second Team

Pitcher - Ian Russell, Rock Creek

Pitcher - Billy Bechard, Concordia

Pitcher - Noah Chalker, Parsons

Pitcher - Brock Ginavan, Frontenac

Closer - Chance Rodriguez, Holcomb

Catcher - Connor Jeffers, Burlington

First base — Landon Abbott, Baxter Springs

Second base — Tanner Spencer, Anderson County

Third base — Trevor Little, Galena

Shortstop — Jamison Martin, Holcomb

Outfield — AJ Ortega, Holcomb

Outfield — Landon Studer, Pratt

Outfield — Jaden Ponce, Parsons

Outfield — Peyton Brown, Frontenac

Utility — Brayden Goddard, Holcomb

DH — Ethan Tavarez, Iola

Honorable Mentions

Pitcher — Isaac Vink, Iola

Pitcher — Grant Thompson, Jefferson West

Pitcher — River Amos, Holcomb

Pitcher — Cole Thornton, Collegiate

Closer — Cal Leonard, Iola

Catcher — Justin Lamatsch, Pratt

First base — Derek Shaheen, Rock Creek

Second base — Noah Proehl, Parsons

Third base — Tyler Stupka, Concordia

Shortstop — Kade Chastain, Frontenac

Outfield — Brannon Nordstedt, Burlington

Outfield — Brant Trease, Baxter Springs

Outfield — Riley Dick, Collegiate

Outfield — Jacob Williams, Concordia

Utility — Tucker Whitworth, Burlington

DH — Brent Beaumont, Concordia

Class 3A

First Team

Pitcher — Jace Kaminska, Caney Valley

Pitcher — Cole Zimmerman, Thomas More Prep-Marian

Pitcher — CJ Peacock, Southeast

Pitcher — Dalton Engle, Riley County

Closer — Cale Adams, Silver Lake

Catcher — Jerad Miller, Oskaloosa

First base — Aaron Mosher, Wellsville

Second base — Austin Gerety, Nemaha Central,

Third base — Micah Grover, Cheney

Shortstop — Ty Nelson, Riley County

Shortstop — Hunter Reed Oskaloosa

Outfield — Tyler Halstead, Riley County

Outfield — Zach Vance, Wellsville

Outfield — Cameron Cox, Hesston

Outfield — Cole Srajer, Marion

Utility — Dawson Winter, Cheney

DH — Kobe Channel, Wellsville

Player of the Year — Tyler Halstead, Riley County

Pitcher of the Year — Jace Kaminska, Caney Valley

Second Team

Pitcher — Kauy Kuhn, Cheney

Pitcher — Jeff Ebeck, Wellsville

Pitcher — Brayden Becker, Sabetha

Pitcher — Tyler Gum, Riverton

Closer — Chase Worth, TMP-Marian

Catcher — Tucker Branum, Colby

First base — Josh Boyd, Silver Lake

Second base — Tate Garcia, TMP-Marian

Third base — Tanner Shalkoski, Wellsville

Shortstop — Zach Hart, Colby

Outfield — Blake Frey, Sabetha

Outfield — Gabe Garber, Sabetha

Outfield — Trent Scheer, Cheney

Outfield — Dawson Donovan, Wellsville

Utility — Cade Clark, Mission Valley

DH — Garrett Harmison, Riley County

Honorable Mentions

Pitcher — Ty Salas, Council Grove

Pitcher — Cade Clark, Mission Valley

Pitcher — Chase Stringer, Marion

Pitcher — Jared Shuffleberger, Oskaloosa

Closer — Josh Grynkiewicz, Riley County

Catcher — Jacob Ziegenhirt, Council Grove

First base — Tejay Cleland, Nemaha Central

Second base — Trevor Moore, Mission Valley

Third base — Luke Lanning, Marion

Shortstop — Corbin Wheeler, Marion

Outfield — Tanner Croddock, Southeast

Outfield — Gage Kirby, Riverton

Outfield — Noe Gauna, Nemaha Central

Outfield — Nic Allen, Riley County

Utility — Sam Zinn, Marion

DH — Tyson Chizek, Council Grove

Class 2-1A

First Team

Pitcher — Cade Miller, West Elk

Pitcher — Lane Whisennard, Elkhart

Pitcher — Levi Swensen, Little River

Pitcher — Arlen Sigel, Chase County

Closer — Jalen Shaddix, Moscow

Catcher — Chris Lozar, Syracuse

First base — Cal Shimkus, Oxford

Second base — Chris Leddy, Moundridge

Third base — Hunter Groh, Chase County

Shortstop — Blake Bevan, Bluestem

Outfield — Noah Eichelberger, Moundridge

Outfield — Peyton Harvey, Little River

Outfield — Hunter Clift, Bluestem

Outfield — Layton Sears, Sedan

Utility — Javier Gomez, Elkhart

DH — Junior Hernandez, Ellis

Player of the Year — Blake Bevan, Bluestem

Pitcher of the Year — Cade Miller, West Elk

Second Team

Pitcher — Richard Davis, Ell-Saline

Pitcher — Carmen Clements, Oxford

Pitcher — Javen Killman, Cedar Vale/Dexter

Pitcher — Dylan Steinhauer, Flinthills

Closer — Graham Stephens, Little River

Catcher — Coy Moran, Bluestem

First base — Logan Brown, Wabaunsee

Second base — Devin Catlin, Cedar Vale/Dexter

Third base — Dalton Silhan, Oxford

Shortstop — Elian Prieto, Elkhart

Outfield — Jasper Young, Cedar Vale/Dexter

Outfield — Tegan Cain, Ellis

Outfield — Javier Marquez, Moscow

Outfield — Chad Chambers, Wabaunsee

Utliity — Bailey Sites, Spearville

DH — Peyton Girty, Flinthills

Honorable Mentions

Pitcher — Alex Fisher, Spearville

Pitcher — Chase Nelson, Wabaunsee

Pitcher — Kolby Stein, Spearville

Pitcher — Dakota Mitchell, Oxford

Closer — Garrett Hall, Elkart

First base — Jack Donner, Flinthills

Second base — JJ Gonzalez, Miscow

Third base — Peyton Girty, Flinthills

Shortstop — Graham Stephens, Little River

Outfield — Jackson Frank, Wabaunsee

Outfield — Spencer Came, Ell-Saline

Outfield — Ryan Kohn, Chase County

Outfield — Brady Snyder, Cedar Vale/Dexter

Utility — Matthew Lomshek, Colgan

DH — Carter Bollig, Ellis

Sunflower League

First team

Catcher — Austin Quick, Lawrence High

First base — Zach Todd, Shawnee Mission West

Second base — Kyle Shiever, Olathe Northwest

Third base — Brandon Ryan, Olathe South

Shortstop — Andrew Stewart, Lawrence High

Outfield — Kyle Abrahamson, Free State

Outfield — Tyler Henry, Gardner Edgerton

Outfield — Reese Carmona, Lawrence High

Outfield — Ryan Koval, Olathe South

DH — Quinton Graham, Free State

DH — Noah Steele, SM East

Utility — Jake Baker, Free State

Pitcher — David Stuart, Free State

Pitcher — Jon Moll, Olathe South

Pitcher — Zach Todd, SM West

Pitcher — Josh Flack, SM Northwest

Pitcher — George Specht, SM Northwest

Closer — Jake Zenger, Free State

Second team

Catcher — Cade Wilson, Olathe East

First base — Chris Closser, SM East

Second base — Robert Moore, SM East

Third base — Jacob Ramirez, SM Northwest

Shortstop — Brady Slavens, Olathe Northwest

Outfield — Ja'Hawn Byrd, Leavenworth

Outfield — Joey Olson, Olathe East

Outfield — Grant Strong, Olathe East

Outfield — Matt Olson, SM West

DH — Wyatt Morgan, Olathe Northwest

Utility — Brady Walker, Olathe Northwest

Utility — Garrett Pennington, SM West

Pitcher — Dalton Mall, SM East

Pitcher — Joey Olson, Olathe East

Pitcher — Ian Henricks, Lawrence High

Pitcher — Ethan Bradford, Free State

Pitcher — Daniel Hammond, SM East

Closer — Zavier Morin, Gardner Edgerton

Player of the Year — Zach Todd, SM West

Pitcher of the Year — Jon Moll, Olathe South

Coach of the Year — Mike Hill, Free State

Eastern Kansas League

First team

Catcher — Paul Wendling, Miege

Infielder — Kyle O'Keefe, Blue Valley

Infielder — Justin Tinkler, BV Southwest

Infielder — Josh Fiene, BV Northwest

Infielder — Nick Modrcin, BV Southwest

Infielder — Carter Putz, Bishop Miege

Outfielder — Brady Petersohn, Blue Valley

Outfielder — Chase Elias, St. Thomas Aquinas

Outfielder — Jared Sharp, BV Southwest

Outfielder — Will Morris, Mill Valley

DH — Sean Roseborough, BV Northwest

Utility — Garrett Gasaway, St. James

Pitcher — Logan Pittman, Blue Valley

Pitcher — Rene Ramos, BV Southwest

Pitcher — Scott Duensing, BV Northwest

Pitcher — Max Abramovich, BV Northwest

Player of the Year — Josh Fiene, BV Northwest

Pitcher of the Year — Logan Pittman, Blue Valley

Coach of the Year — Tony Scardino, Blue Valley

Second team

Catcher — Walker Kinney, Blue Valley

Infielder — Drew Perez, Miege

Infielder — Brennan Masterson, BV North

Infielder — Johnathan Contreras, Mill Valley

Infielder — Ryan Callahan, BV Northwest

Infielder — Brendan Ryan, Aquinas

Outfielder — Zach Guertin, BV Southwest

Outfielder — Isaac Ammann, Mill Valley

Outfielder — Quinton Hall, Mill Valley

Outfielder — Matt Miller, BV Northwest

DH — Blake Steele, BV Southwest

Utility — Clayton Leathers, BV Northwest

Pitcher — Jack Thornhill, Aquinas

Pitcher — Jovan Gill, BV Southwest

Pitcher — Ethan Axman, Miege

Pitcher — Jack Albright, BV North

Honorable Mentions

Drew Howard, Blue Valley

Luke Bernard, Blue Valley

Braedyn Brewer, Blue Valley

Benjamin DeZube, Blue Valley

Dylan Williams, Blue Valley

Andrew Dennis, Blue Valley

Jay Long, Blue Valley

Alex Totta, Blue Valley

Peter Kramer, BV North

Jack Albright, BV North

Michael Picollo, BV North

Jack Brimacombe, BV North

Jack Beckley, BV Northwest

Holden Missey, BV Northwest

Ryan Friermuth, BV Northwest

Will Dennis, BV Northwest

Billy Bartlett, BV Southwest

Grant Wilson, BV Southwest

Lukas Rich, BV Southwest

Matthew Ronnebaum, BV West

Austin Chen, BV West

Kevin Miller, BV West

Zach Luchtefeld, BV West

Nick Purcell, Miege

Matt Moriaty, Miege

Jude Putz, Miege

David Robinson, Miege

Connor Dumit, Miege

Nolan Sprague, Mill Valley

Cole Moore, Mill Valley

Jack Correll, Mill Valley

Ethan Keopke, Mill Valley

Ethan Judd, Mill Valley

Blake Ripp, St. James

Casey Worley, St. James

Max Charlton, St. James

Cam McMillan, Aquinas

Drew Hicks, Aquinas

Will Swanson, Aquinas

Jared Flood, Aquinas

Anthony Vena, Aquinas

Joe Bryant, Aquinas

Joe Rost, Aquinas

Brendan Ryan, Aquinas

Kendall Diggs, Aquinas

Frontier League

First team

Infielder — Darren Winans, De Soto

Infielder — Kurt Golubski, Paola

Infielder — Chad Bones, Ottawa

Infielder — Kaleb Shaffer, Ottawa

Outfielder — Khalil Thrasher, Eudora

Outfielder — Jackson Burrell, Spring Hill

Outfielder — Nick Modes, Paola

Catcher — Chandler Bloomer, Ottawa

Pitcher — Conner Mackay, De Soto

Pitcher — Jared Parenti, Ottawa

Utility — Anthony Slaughter, De Soto

Second team

Infielder — Bryce Mohl, De Soto

Infielder — Cody Lucas, Spring Hill

Infielder — Nash Dreiling, Paola

Infielder — Chris Wilks, Baldwin

Outfielder — Jack Barger, De Soto

Outfielder — Peyton Garvin, Eudora

Outfielder — Madden Rutherford, Louisburg

Catcher — Evan Peuser, Paola

Pitcher — Tyler Barkemeyer, De Soto

Pitcher — Jake Schrock, Baldwin

Utility — Michael Daggett, Paola

Honorable Mentions

Infielder — Conner Mackay, De Soto

Infielder — Bryce Towles, Spring Hill

Infielder — Luke Angermayer, Paola

Infielder — Owen LaMar, Ottawa

Infielder — Jake Schrock, Baldwin

Infielder — Garrett Caldwell, Louisburg

Outfielder — Connor Strouse, De Soto

Outfielder — Zade Barker, Spring Hill

Outfielder — Wyatt Johnston, Paola

Outfielder — Garrett Owings, Baldwin

Catcher — Corbyn Meyers, Spring Hill

Catcher — Garrett Borth, Baldwin

Pitcher — Jayden Pierce, Eudora

Pitcher — Garret Trimmer, Paola

Pitcher — Chance Crowley, Ottawa

Utility — Cameron Reynolds, Ottawa

Utility — Ty Bennett, Baldwin

Utility — Garrett Harding, Louisburg


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