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Mill Valley trio earns all-state softball honors; All-league teams announced

June 9, 2018

After leading the Mill Valley softball team to the state semifinals for the second straight year, catcher Jess Garcia, center fielder Peyton Moeder and pitcher Lauren Florez were recognized by the Kansas Softball Coaches Association by being named to the Class 5A all-state team.

Garcia and Moeder earned first-team honors, while Florez was a second-team selection.

Moeder and Garcia also were named to the All-Eastern Kansas League first team. Florez and Mill Valley teammates Ava Bredwell (infielder) and Grace Abram (designated player) were selected to the second team, and Haley Puccio was an honorable mention.

Shawnee Mission Northwest pitcher Megan Formwalt and SM North catcher Dallas Drakulich were picked to the All-Sunflower League second team. North's Hannah Redick, Michelle Zehr and Leksi Macan and Northwest's Emily Wells and MaKenzie Cooper were named honorable mentions.

De Soto's Avery Karlin, Jordan Diehl and Josie Bedford were selected as All-Frontier League honorable mentions.

All-State teams

Class 6A

First team

Pitcher — Tatum Clopton, Free State

Pitcher — Kasey Hamilton, Washburn Rural

Pitcher — Maryssa Rollin, Olathe South

Catcher — Jordan Richards, Olathe Northwest

Catcher — Grace Ruehle, Dodge City

Infielder — Ashlyn Anderson, Gardner Edgerton

Infielder — Olivia Bruno, Washburn Rural

Infielder — Sara Roszak, Free State

Infielder — Gabby Schultz, Gardner Edgerton

Infielder — Alex Stanek, Blue Valley

Outfielder — Shayna Espy, Olathe Northwest

Outfielder — Paige Robbins, Blue Valley

Outfielder — Hannah Schmidt, Olathe North

Outfielder — Maddie Stipsits, Olathe North

Utility/Designated Player — Olivia Depew, Derby

Second team

Pitcher — Zoe Brewer, Lawrence High

Pitcher — Jayme Dean, Olathe North

Pitcher — Grace Garcia, Blue Valley

Catcher — Maddie Swanson, Olathe South

Infielder — Kayli Dryden, Wichita Northwest

Infielder — Sydni Hawkins, Wichita Southeast

Infielder — Mackenzie Klaus, Olathe Northwest

Infielder — Halley Rindom, Blue Valley

Infielder — Yazmin Vargis, Garden City

Infielder — Madi Young, Derby

Outfielder — Lexi Dryden, Wichita Northwest

Outfielder — Emily Fox, Wichita Southeast

Outfielder — Morgan Kern, Olathe South

Outfielder — Catherine Szukalski, Blue Valley

Utility/Designated Player — Raemie Lopp, Dodge City

Class 5A

First team

Pitcher — Makayla Akin, Seaman

Pitcher — Paige Petefish, Shawnee Heights

Pitcher — Reagan Smith, Bishop Carroll

Catcher — Kaleigh Bayless, Shawnee Heights

Catcher — Jess Garcia, Mill Valley

Infielder — Abbey Fischer, Shawnee Heights

Infielder — Aniya Holt, Shawnee Heights

Infielder — Lauren Mills, Seaman

Infielder — Trinity Morris, Seaman

Infielder — Kaylin Watkins, Carroll

Outfielder — Lauren Johnson, Maize South

Outfielder — Peyton Moeder, Mill Valley

Outfielder — Maci Omli, Eisenhower

Outfielder — Lydia Ostenson, Shawnee Heights

Utility/Designated Player — Jaycee Ginter, Shawnee Heights

Utility/Designated Player — Kari Holzrichter, St. Thomas Aquinas

Second team

Pitcher — Lauren Florez, Mill Valley

Pitcher — Ashley Thissen, Maize South

Pitcher — Sydni Williams, Goddard

Catcher — Brooklyn Gallagher, Goddard

Catcher — Lindy Milkowski, Olathe West

Infielder — Sadie Ast, Maize

Infielder — Savannah Hughes, Maize

Infielder — Isabel Marcotte, Carroll

Infielder — Peyton Renzi, Blue Valley Southwest

Infielder — Ally Vonfelt, Carroll

Outfielder — Sophia Buzard, Maize

Outfielder — Mackenzie Chinn, Seaman

Outfielder — Emma Furnish, Eisenhower

Outfielder — Hadley Kerschen, Carroll

Utility/Designated Player — Sarah Conley, Andover

Class 4A-I

First team

Pitcher — Kyla Etter, Eudora

Pitcher — Morgan Mavers, Independence

Pitcher — Lyssa Schabel, Independence

Catcher — Audrey Miller, Tonganoxie

Catcher — Kamryn Sparks, Piper

Infielder — Grace Banes, Piper

Infielder — Hannah Burnett, Independence

Infielder — Delainey Fenoglio, Tonganoxie

Infielder — Chevelle Sartin, Arkansas City

Infielder — Sierra Smith, Eudora

Outfielder — Macie Eck, Andale

Outfielder — Elizabeth Hays, Spring Hill

Outfielder — Qwynn Marquez, Independence

Outfielder — Alexis Rymer, Piper

Utility/Designated Player — Regan Smith, Spring Hill

Second team

Pitcher — Amber Hildebrand, Wamego

Pitcher — Gracie Johnston, Augusta

Pitcher — Menley Westhoff, Arkansas City

Catcher — Kalei Cline, Andover

Catcher — Aubree Lawrie, Independence

Infielder — Kourtney Divine, Augusta

Infielder — Samie Greer, Basehor-Linwood

Infielder — Jadyn Jackson, Augusta

Infielder — Molly Rison, Louisburg

Infielder — Makenzie Sample, Tonganoxie

Outfielder — Kirsten Birdwell, Arkansas City

Outfielder — Kaitlyn Brown, Hays

Outfielder — Torrissa Hootman, Tonganoxie

Outfielder — Shayla Schaper, Independence

Utility/Designated Player — Bailea Crist, McPherson

Class 4A-II

First team

Pitcher — Clara Edwards, Clay Center

Pitcher — Shelby Smith, Girard

Pitcher — Myka Watkins, Burlington

Catcher — Jacque Hulse, Smoky Valley

Catcher — Demi Kunkel, Rock Creek

Infielder — Briana Cruz, Pratt

Infielder — Bailey Flewelling, Holton

Infielder — Riley McNemar, Galena

Infielder — Betsy Parmley, Baldwin

Infielder — Eboni Sapien, Holcomb

Outfielder — Sydney Bangert, Kingman

Outfielder — Sydnee Crain, Girard

Outfielder — Audrey Flowers, Baldwin;

Outfielder — Sieana Hall, Baldwin

Utility/Designated Player — Shaylun Grosstephan, Girard

Second team

Pitcher —Sarah Bond, Holton

Pitcher — Madison Cox, Galena

Pitcher — Kelsey Simmons, Santa Fe Trail

Catcher — Annalyss Phillips, Holton

Catcher — Madisyn Thompson, Chanute

Infielder — Allie Fry, Baxter Springs

Infielder — Erin Hammel, Clay Center

Infielder — Marrit Mead, Santa Fe Trail

Infielder — Lynzi Myrick, Larned

Infielder — Makayla McNemar, Galena

Outfielder — Nissa Fountain, Iola

Outfielder — Paige Jensen, Galena

Outfielder — Jewel Lutz, Holton

Outfielder — Payton Woody, Pratt

Utility/Designated Player — Breanna Bosley, Pratt

Class 3A

First team

Pitcher — Brylie Bassett, Oskaloosa

Pitcher — Maguire Estill, Haven

Pitcher — Abby Pressgrove, Silver Lake

Catcher — Daryn Lamprecht, Silver Lake

Catcher — Sophia Rockhold, Oskaloosa

Infielder — Camryn Compton, Riverton

Infielder — Emmiley Hendrixson, Haven

Infielder — Kimi Patterson, McLouth

Infielder — Adeline Reese, Remington

Infielder — Jordan Stringfield, Wellsville

Outfielder — Lexi Cobb, Silver Lake;

Outfielder — Jamee Compton, Riverton

Outfielder — Ellie Hogle, Silver Lake

Outfielder — Morgan Mauk, Humboldt

Utility/Designated Player — Kelcie Kippes, Rossville

Second team

Pitcher — Megan Fast, Perry-Lecompton

Pitcher — Bailey Lacey, TMP-Marian

Pitcher — Rylan Wilhite, Humboldt

Catcher — Jennica Messer, McLouth

Catcher — Wynter Snyder, Humboldt

Infielder — Hallie Hay, Silver Lake

Infielder — Paige Lowe, Oskaloosa

Infielder — McKenzie Ogden, Royal Valley

Infielder — Elisa Princic, Rossville

Infielder — Aliks Serna, Osage City

Outfielder — Gracie Bryant, Sedgwick

Outfielder — Graci Folks, Perry-Lecompton

Outfielder — Kylie Hefling, Haven

Outfielder — Kylee Scheer, Cheney

Utility/Designated Player — Jaedyn Miller, Council Grove

Class 2-1A

First team

Pitcher — Chloe Enderud, Udall

Pitcher — Ashtyn Jurging, Bluestem

Pitcher — Autymn Schreiner, Wabaunsee

Catcher — Alyssa Lohmeyer, Wabaunsee

Catcher — Laken Vandegrift, Chase County

Infielder — Natalie Bevan, Bluestem

Infielder — Alexis Hafenstine, Wabaunsee

Infielder — Allison Kearny, Valley Falls

Infielder — Shyann Reid, Udall

Infielder — Kinsey Stuewe, Wabaunsee

Outfielder — Abbi Hill, Bluestem

Outfielder — Madison Loos, Udall

Outfielder — Abby Oliver, Wabaunsee

Outfielder — Brylee Potter, Chase County

Utility/Designated Player — Jaycee Blazek, Republic County

Second team

Pitcher — Justi Sims, Sedan

Pitcher — Audrey Tubach, Chase County

Pitcher — Cynae Wiley, South Haven

Catcher — Shaylie Hamilton, Central-Burden

Catcher — Kyleigh Poss, Udall

Infielder — Olivia Brynds, Colgan

Infielder — Kyndall Clevenger, Bluestem

Infielder — Makenzie Higgs, Chase County

Infielder — Dani Klein, Hillsboro

Infielder — Cece Lockmiller, Chase County

Outfielder — Samantha Crawford, Ellis

Outfielder — Emma Enderud, Udall

Outfielder — Brittany MacLean, Republic County

Outfielder — Jaycee Patton, Medicine Lodge.

Utility/Designated Player — Reagan Kirkwood, Valley Falls

Eastern Kansas League

First team

Pitcher — Grace Garcia, Blue Valley

Pitcher — Bailey Zuniga, St. Thomas Aquinas

Catcher — Jess Garcia, Mill Valley

Catcher — Katie Reeg, BV Southwest

Infielder — Carly Crow, BV West

Infielder — Julie Long, BV North

Infielder — Peyton Renzi, BV Southwest

Infielder — Halley Rindom, Blue Valley

Infielder — Alex Stanek, Blue Valley

Outfielder — Arrisa Harrish, BV North

Outfielder — Jocelyn Long, BV North

Outfielder — Peyton Moeder, Mill Valley

Outfielder — Paige Robbins, Blue Valley

Utility — AJ Elleman, BV West

Designated Player — Kari Holzrichter, Aquinas

Second team

Pitcher — Breck Dickey, Blue Valley

Pitcher — Lauren Florez, Mill Valley

Catcher — Kaitlin Robinson, BV North

Catcher — Emma Ryan, BV West

Infielder — Rachel Adent, BV West

Infielder — Ava Bredwell, Mill Valley

Infielder — Megan Macy, BV North

Infielder — Haley Shin, BV Northwest

Outfielder — Maddy Malina, BV West

Outfielder — Stevie Meade, Aquinas

Outfielder — Abby Mieras, BV West

Utility — Gretta Sailer, BV Southwest

Designated Player — Grace Abram, Mill Valley

Honorable Mentions

Abby Bishop, BV Northwest

Madison Byerley, Aquinas

Rylie Giddens, Blue Valley

Michaela Jackson, BV West

Caitlyn Parr, Aquinas

Haley Puccio, Mill Valley

Catherine Szukalski, Blue Valley

Audrey Warner, BV Northwest

Elenor Wyndrum, BV Northwest

Sunflower League

First team

Designated Player — Tatum Clopton, Free State

Utility — Ryan Milkowski, Olathe West

Catcher — Lindy Milkowski, Olathe West

Catcher — Jordan Richards, Olathe Northwest

Catcher — Maddie Swanson, Olathe South

Pitcher — Maryssa Rollin, Olathe South

Pitcher — Jayme Dean, Olathe North

Pitcher — Emily Bowman, Olathe Northwest

Outfield — Maddie Stipsits, Olathe North

Outfield — Morgan Kern, Olathe South

Outfield — Naleah Garry, Olathe West

Outfield — Shayna Espy, Olathe Northwest

Outfield — Liz Vaupel, Olathe East

Outfield — Hannah Schmidt, Olathe North

Infield — Ashlyn Anderson, Gardner Edgerton

Infield — Sara Roszak, Free State

Infield — Hannah Williams, Olathe West

Infield — Mackenzie Klaus, Olathe Northwest

Infield — Gabby Schultz, Gardner Edgerton

Infield — Abby Allen, Olathe South

Second team

Designated Player — Avery Collins, Olathe South

Utility — Izzy Cunningham, SM West

Catcher — Dallas Drakulich, SM North

Catcher — Emma Stanwix, Free State

Catcher — Brenna Brown, Leavenworth

Catcher — Morgan Husman, Lawrence High

Pitcher — Kyleigh Lay, Olathe East

Pitcher — Zoë Brewer, Lawrence High

Pitcher — Megan Formwalt, SM Northwest

Outfield — Megan Weigel, Olathe East

Outfield — Kampbell Kiburn, Lawrence High

Outfield — Ivy Brewer, Gardner Edgerton

Outfield — Haley Crane, SM West

Outfield — Angelina Harjo, Lawrence High

Infield — Maya Gallagher, Olathe North

Infield — Jordan Farmer, Olathe North

Infield — Loren Beggs, Olathe Northwest

Infield — Lauryn Jones, Free State

Infield — Karly Johnson, Lawrence High

Infield — Aubrey Griffith, Olathe South

Honorable Mentions

Devin Conley, Olathe East

Halie Morris, Olathe East

Taylor Burns, Shawnee Mission South

Kate Spencer, SM South

Hannah Redick, SM North

Michelle Zehr, SM North

Leksi Macan, SM North

Lexie Schroeder, Olathe North

Lauren Roberts, Olathe North

Jaden Sprague, Gardner Edgerton

Liz Bender, SM West

Melina Kroll, SM West

Taylor Burks, Free State

Georgia Rea, Free State

Grace Patchen, Free State

Kendyl Anderson, Olathe West

Kaycee Hayes, Olathe West

Karisa Boeschen, Olathe Northwest

Brooke Williams, Olathe Northwest

Ally Kukowski, Olathe Northwest

Abbey Ward, Olathe South

Ryleigh Diskin, Olathe South

Bailey Ballard, Olathe South

Alyssa Seichepine, Leavenworth

Leach Seichepine, Leavenworth

McKenzie Brown, Leavenworth

Emily Wells, SM Northwest

MaKenzie Cooper, SM Northwest

Skyler Rochelle, SM East

Christina Brogden, SM East

Jenah Babick, SM East

Sammy Williams, Lawrence High

Sydney Delfelder, Lawrence High

Abby Monroe, Lawrence High

Coach of the Year — Bree Ederer, Olathe North

Player of the Year — Maryssa Rollin, Olathe South

Newcomer of the Year — Tatum Clopton, Free State

Frontier League

First team

Infielder — Kamryn Shaffer, Ottawa

Infielder — Molly Rison, Louisburg

Infielder — Betsy Parmley, Baldwin

Infielder — Sierra Smith, Eudora

Outfielder — Sienna Hall, Baldwin

Outfielder — Audrey Flowers, Baldwin

Outfielder — Elizabeth Hays, Spring Hill

Catcher — Gaige Pinkerton, Spring Hill

Pitcher — Jordan Johnson, Paola

Pitcher — Kyla Etter, Eudora

Utility — Regan Smith, Spring Hill

Second team

Infielder — Jenna DeVore, Ottawa

Infielder — Hannah Menefee, Paola

Infielder — Paige Cooper, Spring Hill

Infielder — Kennedy Doherty, Eudora

Outfielder — Justine Kennington, Ottawa

Outfielder — Aubrey Weatherbie, Paola

Outfielder — Devin Purcell, Eudora

Catcher — Emma Grossoehme, Baldwin

Pitcher — Layney Steging, Spring Hill

Utility — Hannah Pearce, Paola

Honorable Mentions

Infielder — Halle Schindler, Paola

Infielder — Kayla Willey, Louisburg

Infielder — Avery Karlin, De Soto

Infielder — Kelle Wiggins, Baldwin

Infielder — Megan Kennedy, Eudora

Outfielder — Alli Kerns, Ottawa

Outfielder — Jordan Diehl, De Soto

Outfielder — McKinley Markley, Baldwin

Catcher — Jocelyn Woods, Ottawa

Catcher — Josie Bedford, De Soto

Catcher — Alaina Howe, Eudora

Utility — Karson Griggs, Louisburg


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