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Koller Enterprises relocates aquarium manufacturing to Shawnee

October 3, 2018

Koller Enterprises has relocated its Koller Products, LLC manufacturing plant to Shawnee.

The division, which was previously located in Fenton, Mo., already had around six employees based in its Shawnee facility before the move, but now, Koller Products employs around 45-50 people there, according to a news release sent by the Shawnee Economic Development Council.

“Shawnee is seeing momentum in our ability to attract new jobs and investment to the community,” said Ann Smith-Tate, president and CEO of the Shawnee Chamber of Commerce. “We are excited to welcome this new division of Koller Enterprises to Shawnee.”

The decision to move manufacturing to Shawnee came as part of a corporate strategy to incorporate the divisions into solely owned LLC’s. Koller Enterprises wanted each LLC housed in its own facility.

Products being manufactured at the new facility include various types and sizes of plastic aquariums.

“We are pleased to be able to expand our Koller Products business to include the manufacturing portion of it here in Shawnee. As someone who has worked at this facility since 1973 I know firsthand how the City of Shawnee is a great place have and grow a business. As the originators of small desktop aquarium kits we look forward to expanding our product offering, expanding our production capability and employment opportunities here in the City of Shawnee,” said Dennis Milford, General Manager of Koller Products, LLC.

In business since 1941, Koller Enterprises is ranked as one of the top 100 injection molders in the USA.

In 1985, Koller was the first company to design and produce injection molded desktop aquariums.

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