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Letter to the Editor: Shawnee Republican urges support for Yoder, expresses disappointment with Davids

October 9, 2018

To the Editor:

Sharice Davids is wrong for Kansas.

I say this as someone who was once supportive of her. When Ms. Davids declared her candidacy, it appeared that she had the potential to be a representative who would bring both sides together, and possibly be more dynamic for the third congressional district.

However, as her candidacy progressed, so did Davids’ politics.

It has now become abundantly clear that there is nothing moderate about her.

On the issues, Ms. Davids is to the left even of the Democratic mainstream.

As a moderate Republican, I support both Republicans and Democrats.

I am supporting Laura Kelly for governor.

Before party affiliation, what I look for in a candidate is someone who will truly represent all of his or her constituents, not just those who belong to the same party.

Based on her actions leading up to the present moment, Davids fails this test.

What I fear is that if elected, Davids’ first loyalty will be to her supporters and the Democratic Party platform, rather than the general electorate.

Davids has made no attempt to bring people of different political views to the table. The last thing we need is one more party line robot in Washington, we already have enough of those from both parties.

Even if you do not like Kevin Yoder, before you cast your vote for Davids, think about why you are supporting her.

Is it because you feel Yoder hasn’t been responsive, or hasn’t adequately represented you?

Based on what we know about Davids, it appears that she would be the same way, albeit from a different political position.

We need moderate and responsive representatives, but Davids would not be one.

No one can be expected to be all things to all people, but there are many instances in which Yoder has reached across the aisle, such as with immigration and healthcare.

These instances, while rare, are more than we would get from Davids.

Beyond politics, Yoder possesses leadership skills that enable him to stand up for us when needed. His political experience along with these qualities make him deserving of re-election.

Therefore, as a moderate, I am choosing to support Yoder. I believe that he is be best choice in this race.

Michael Wray



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