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Auto repair center provides free services to single moms

Christian Brothers Automotive is located at 22240 Midland Drive in Shawnee. Enlarge photo

October 24, 2018

For the seventh year in a row, the Shawnee Christian Brothers Automotive donated 50 free oil changes to single mothers and widows in need as part of their National Service Day festivities.

The repair shop’s technicians inspected the women’s vehicles for safety items, including bald tires, burnt out head, tail and brake lights and torn wiper blades.

They also replaced worn car parts for free, helping to ensure these families and their 85 children stay safe on the road.

Shawnee Christian Brothers Automotive co-owner Tammie Green, left, poses for a photo with Ginger Elliott and her son.

Shawnee Christian Brothers Automotive co-owner Tammie Green, left, poses for a photo with Ginger Elliott and her son.

Fourteen of the fifty families needed a safety item, like bald tires addressed. Christian Brothers Automotive replaced those safety items free of charge.

Every year during National Service Day, Christian Brothers Automotive teams across the country volunteer their time and rally behind one cause: Serving their neighbors—from widows, to single mothers, to families in need.

“Most women feel uneasy about car maintenance,” said Tammie Green, co-owner of the Shawnee CBA. “When I was a single mom, I didn’t know who to trust when it came to my car care.  At Christian Brothers, we want women to know they can trust us. We consider ourselves blessed to help them and their families.”

Beyond maintenance and repairs, National Service Day festivities also included a family-friendly event at the shop.

The Shawnee CBA teamed up with volunteers from Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Mill Valley High School and Auto Zone to provide fun activities for children, and the Shawnee Fire Department was also in attendance with a fire truck.

Additionally, goodie bags were given to each family, with handmade washcloths and hats made by two Shawnee CBA customers.

Other donated items were provided compliments of Advance Auto, Al’s Auto, Auto Zone and the UPS Store.

Since 2010, CBA’s National Service Day has helped over 10,000 individuals, single mothers, widows and families across the country.

Last year, a total of 117 CBA locations provided 3,082 free oil changes and various car repairs to drivers in need across the United States, among them single mothers and widows in Shawnee.

Green pointed out the cornerstone of CBA is quite simple: Treat others as you wish to be treated.

By following this straightforward guideline, the franchise has garnered glowing reviews from consumers who once dreaded visiting a repair shop.

To stand apart from other car repair service providers, CBA stands by its Nice Difference D warranty, a two-year/24,000-mile warranty (whichever benefits the customer most) valid at CBA locations nationwide.

The franchise also provides a free shuttle service to customers who drop their cars off for repairs and need transportation back home or to work.

Shawnee Christian Brothers Automotive is located at 22240 Midland Drive.

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