Shawnee Antique Mall upgrades in time for the holidays
December 17, 2014
Walk in the front door of the newly remodeled Antique Mall in Shawnee and you are greeted with the sight of roasted peanuts, the smell of popcorn and the sound of music.
Shawnee planning commission approves rezoning for Shawnee Landing, tables initial site plan
December 16, 2014
The Shawnee Planning Commission has approved preliminary steps for a future shopping center at Maurer Road and Shawnee Mission Parkway to be called Shawnee Landing but also asked for more research on several of the site’s plans.
Shawnee residents file lawsuit to stop sewer project near Maurer Road
December 15, 2014
Two residents along Bell Road have filed a law suit in district court to stop a county commission approved sewer line near the southwest corner of Maurer Road and Shawnee Mission Parkway.
Shawnee Chamber supports upcoming school district mail-in ballot questions
December 15, 2014
The Shawnee Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors issued a statement supporting the upcoming mail-in ballot election regarding budget measures for both the Shawnee Mission School District and the De Soto School District.
Johnson County Library lending machines coming to Shawnee
December 10, 2014
Western Shawnee residents and Lenexa residents will no longer have to drive all the way to the Shawnee and Lackman Johnson County Library branches for books and videos.
Shawnee to extend land tax suspension
December 9, 2014
Developers will not have to worry about real estate tax in Shawnee for another two years as the city is set to approve another suspension of the city’s excise tax.
Residential development moves forward in western Shawnee
December 9, 2014
The Shawnee City Council approved an excise tax abatement agreement for Summerlin Estates, a single family residential subdivision in western Shawnee.
Twisters Grill and Bar opening in Shawnee
December 3, 2014
What used to be Johnny’s has been swept away in a storm of remodeling in preparation for the opening of Twisters Grill and Bar. The long-time Johnny’s location at 13410 W. 62nd Terrace in the small strip mall was home to the successful franchise, which moved across the street to the Parkway Plaza this summer, is now home to the Bonner Springs original.
Four auto burglaries reported at Shawnee Parkway Plaza
December 2, 2014
Shawnee police are investigating four reports of auto burglaries Monday evening at Shawnee Parkway Plaza.
Shawnee businesses, vehicles damaged by pellet guns
December 2, 2014
Five Shawnee businesses and five personal vehicles were damaged Sunday evening in a rash of pellet gun fire around the city.
Report: Midwest economic index dips again
December 1, 2014
A monthly economic survey index for nine Midwestern and Plains states has dipped again.
Overland Park took brunt of Sprint’s fall layoffs
November 26, 2014
More than half of the fall layoffs at Sprint Corp. occurred at the Overland Park headquarters.
Small Business Saturday going big in Shawnee
November 26, 2014
This year’s Small Business Saturday in Shawnee is going to be big. At least that’s what a long list of local businesses and the day’s organizers are hoping as they’ve prepared for this year’s event on Nov. 29. The Shawnee Chamber of Commerce is organizing the event again, but with big changes this year.
Shawnee’s Bacchus and Barleycorn celebrates 30 years
November 25, 2014
In the business of selling home brewing supplies, a lot has changed and a lot has remained the same. While the spirit of the craft has remained, the ingredients and flavor potentials have grown immensely. Nobody knows that better than the owners of Bacchus and Barleycorn in Shawnee, a home wine and beer makers store, that celebrated 30 years in business this year.
Kansas has lower private-sector job growth than U.S.
November 24, 2014
Federal statistics show Kansas is seeing slower private-sector job growth than the U.S. as a whole, while unemployment in the state declined in October to 4.4 percent.