Face to Face

Face to Face columns in the Shawnee Dispatch.

Face to Face: Josh Kiene
November 28, 2017
Meet Josh Kiene, a third-generation dentist at a Shawnee dental office.
Face to Face: Ryan Gentry
November 8, 2017
Meet Ryan Gentry, a Boy Scout working towards his Eagle Scout designation.
Face to Face: Shane Britt
August 15, 2017
Before he was a pastor, Britt longed to be a farmer like his dad.
Face to Face: Isaac Fagan
August 1, 2017
Isaac Fagan, 11, recently won the “Mayor for a Day” contest.
Face to Face: Amanda Dulny
July 25, 2017
Amanda Dulny is a 17-year-old actress who will star in “Beauty and the Beast” this weekend.
Face to Face: Crystal Herber
July 19, 2017
Crystal Herber is a Shawnee police officer who loves her job.
Face to Face: Beth Mildren, principal at Riverview Elementary School
May 29, 2017
Meet Beth Mildren, the principal of Riverview Elementary School in Shawnee.
Face to Face: Kaitlin Langton
May 3, 2017
Kaitlin Langton, a junior at Mill Valley High School, will be a student ambassador in Japan this summer.
Face to Face: Mick Shaffer
April 5, 2017
As a sports journalist, Shawnee resident Mick Shaffer has covered everything from KU basketball to high school sports to the Chiefs to the Royals.
Face to Face: Brennan Schulte
February 15, 2017
Mill Valley junior Brennan Schulte recently earned the rank of Eagle Scout.
Face to Face: Gary Amble
October 11, 2016
Gary Amble, a meteorologist for KCTV 5, is proud to call Shawnee home.
Face to Face: Ryann Doyle
September 14, 2016
Ryann Doyle, 11, is asking the Shawnee City Council to consider installing a sidewalk leading to Erfurt Park.
Face to Face: JoJo Palko, the new museum assistant at Shawnee Town 1929
August 19, 2016
JoJo Palko, a Wichita native, dons two hats at the Shawnee Town 1929 Museum. She is both a historical interpreter and a collections assistant.
Face to Face: Annie Camp
August 5, 2016
Annie Camp, 6, recently donated $180 to the Shawnee Police Department.
Face to Face: Brandon Kenig
July 15, 2016
Councilman Brandon Kenig, 30, fell in love with politics when he was in middle school.