Local Government

City of Shawnee reveals storm damage numbers
August 15, 2017
Damages from the recent storms in July cost the city of Shawnee more than a half-million dollars.
Shawnee city council approves 2018 budget
July 19, 2017
At its meeting last week, the Shawnee City Council approved the city’s 2018 budget.
City to hold ‘Nieman Now!’ public meeting
July 19, 2017
The city of Shawnee is holding a neighborhood meeting to discuss the Nieman Now! project.
Shawnee City Council approves $19.5M incentive package for Bellmont Promenade project
July 16, 2017
Many residents opposed the Bellmont Promenade project, but that didn’t stop the Shawnee City Council from giving developers a green light.
City Council set to vote on $19.5M in tax incentives for Bellmont Promenade today
Nearby residents express big concerns with the proposed large-scale development
July 10, 2017
A Shawnee couple has big concerns about a shopping center proposed for Shawnee Mission Parkway.
Garden Club of Shawnee to hold tour this weekend
June 7, 2017
The tour, hosted by the Garden Club of Shawnee, features six gardens throughout the city this year.
Crews inspecting city’s pipes
May 29, 2017
Crews from two different companies have started the six month process of inspecting some of the city of Shawnee’s pipes.
Preliminary location plans for fourth fire station revealed
May 22, 2017
About 50 residents showed up to view early plans for a new Shawnee fire station on Wednesday, May 17.
Join the mayor for Third Thursday coffee
May 17, 2017
The mayor’s next coffee gathering will be held tomorrow morning.
Shawnee City Council approves rezoning for proposed development out west
April 3, 2017
At its meeting last week, the Shawnee City Council unanimously approved rezoning of 119 acres for the development of single family residences for the proposed Canyon Lakes subdivision.
Shawnee attracts Amazon, other businesses
March 8, 2017
Online retail giant Amazon.com Inc. will soon be opening a distribution center in Shawnee.
Shawnee should focus on ‘more,’ says mayor
State of the City address focuses on development; potential for growth
February 15, 2017
At her State of the City address, Mayor Michelle Distler said Shawnee has seen a lot of development over the past year, but the city still holds a lot of potential.
Councilman takes on new leadership roles
January 31, 2017
Shawnee City Councilman Brandon Kenig was recently named the 2017 council president.
City holds meeting to discuss Nieman Road projects
January 24, 2017
The city is holding a neighborhood meeting to discuss the impact of the “Nieman Now!” project.
Policy update strives to shorten council meetings during controversial issues
January 18, 2017
At its meeting last week, the governing body unanimously approved a provision to the city’s conduct of public meetings policy, which will allow one spokesperson for a neighborhood or group, related to a specific issue, to have a longer period of time to speak during public comment.